Blaze of Battle is an fantasy base building game full of dragons, knights and more medieval wonders! Build a mighty kingdom and take the world by storm! Attack and take down other player’s kingdoms in a battle of attrition. Make sure your army is the biggest there is, and no foe will be able to stand in your way. We’ll help you build the ultimate kingdom with our Blaze of Battle cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Complete the quests!

You know the drill! If you are at all familiar with these city management games, you’ll know that completing the quests is the best way to gather up a ton of resources. As always, to make things really quick and easy for you, you can use the quick quest buttons at the bottom left of the screen. This button will take you straight to the next quest you need to do. You’ll be tapping this button and the fast complete button for the first hour of the game or so.

2. Keep your city busy!

Keep in mind that you have three different building queues! You have one for structural building, one for troop training, and one for army marching. Make the best use of your time by ensuring that you have all three queues filled. Send out your army to scout a nearby computer AI enemy if you’re waiting on a building construction to finish, for example. There is one exception to this, and that is researching. Research has its own queue that isn’t listed, so also make sure you have research happening!

3. Collect your free gifts!

The orange chest that sits mysteriously at the bottom right corner of the screen opens every now and then. Inside you can find a variety of free goodies. You’ll usually get resources, but sometimes you’ll get really good stuff like gems and VIP time. Make sure to turn on notifications for the game so you know when your next free chest opening is.

4. Join an alliance quickly!

Eventually the build times will start reaching the half hour marks, and you won’t be able to use your free speed ups anymore. At this point you can either use the hard to come by time boosters, or you can ask for help from alliance members! You can let fellow alliance members know you’re trying to build something by tapping the yellow help button. Each alliance member who agrees to help you shaves off a couple of minutes, so it’s really helpful. Try to join an alliance as soon as you can, and make sure it has a lot of active players in it!

5. Scout before an attack!

Be sure to scout a player base if you’re planning on attacking. You can get a general overview of their base and their troops, depending on how good your scouting is. Just a heads up – the player will know you scouted them and they might not take that too well, so be prepared for anything!

That’s all for Blaze of Battle. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. I have a question. which is the best proportion of army in soldiers, Archer, troops from cavalry, and artillery?
    cual la mejor proporción del ejercito cuantos de infantería, cuantos de caballeria, arqueros y artillería?

    • It’s best to have an even number of Seige, range, soldier and calvary. However, if you’re lower level and you’re focused on how much load each soldier can carry, you might want more tier 2. Like the siege tower carries a load of 15, but only requires an upkeep of 2 food. While you aren’t required to keep food at all times, it’s important to get food when you’re doing upgrades. So, it’s best not to make a ridiculous number of troops that you’re not going to be using.

    • You’ll need a Civic Center (CC) of level 9, and some gems. You can acquire these by joining a guild and asking them for help. You also get the gems every once in a while in your daily gift and your trial field gift. If you don’t have a guild, you can’t attack monsters with your dragon. So, if you don’t want to join one, you can create your own.

    • If you want to use up your gems, pick a friend and kill all the monsters around their base with your dragon. You’ll use up all the gems, but the monster kills will provide gifts for your alliance and lairs for your ally.

  2. How do I get gold from the map? It is a quest that the dude is giving me – and I have no idea what to do? I go on the map for food, iron, stone and wood but no gold. Any advice?

  3. How do you activate max attack mode to participate in the Dragon Trial? The game says buy certain gem packs but I’ve yet to see anything in any of them that has to do with max attack.


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