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Blades of Brim Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Get a Super High Score

Blades of Brim Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Get a Super High Score

The creators of the extremely popular endless runner game Subway Surfers have just launched Blades of Brim, a brand new and surprisingly exciting endless runner with a ton of new elements and gameplay mechanics that manage to reinvent the endless runner genre.

And if you love the game as much as we do, then you’re certainly looking for ways to get better at it and for those reasons, we come to you with some Blades of Brim cheats and tips for a truly endless run and a super high score.

There are a ton of things to do in this game, so let’s not waste a second and let’s check out below some Blades of Brim tips and cheats to help you get going!

Get rid of the tutorial

Many players complain, early on, that they keep getting the tutorial – that’s because you have to complete the tutorial once before it vanquishes and never bothers you again.

So take your time and go through all the tutorial and you’ll be ready to take on the game by yourself!

High score is based on your in-game performance

Most endless runners reward you for getting as far as possible, but that’s not exactly the case of Blades of Brim.

Here you only get points for your in-game performance (which is monsters destroyed) so you should focus on taking out as many as possible to score points. That should be your main focus in the game.

Only stashed loot matters

A thing that makes Blades of Brim even more difficult is the fact that it uses a checkpoint system for collecting loot. In other words, if you don’t make it to a checkpoint where you can stash the loot you have gathered, if you run out of lives, you will lose all the loot gathered since your last stash.

So keep an eye on the meter indicating the distance to your next stash and try to stay alive until you get there.

Monster toughness above their heads

While you run, you will notice that the monsters you encounter have numbers above their heads. This indicates how many times you have to hit them to destroy them.

Monsters with numbers higher than 1 will be pushed back when you hit them, so make sure that you are ready to face them again!

Go as high as possible

I found out that it’s usually a better idea to go as high up as possible when playing because that’s where the greater rewards are.

You will also get to enter in different dungeons where you have to complete some relatively easy requirements and be rewarded with impressive loot, including treasure chests that can come with amazing goodies, from rare equipment to premium currency or animal whistles.

Take advantage of the environment

When you are riding some pets, getting to hard to reach areas that are filled with good loot is a lot easier. But even without riding your pet and doublejumping, you can still sometimes reach those hard to get to areas by using the wall run option, taking advantage of the flying monsters that push you higher up and continuing with the walls.

It requires a lot of play time and experience to learn to do it right – as well as know when you can do it and when you can’t get up there, but once you learn to do this, your rewards will be much better.

Take advantage of the new items

You will collect a bunch of new items during your runs, including armor and weapons. Make sure to check them out and equip them as soon as possible to take advantage of their bonuses. Simply tap the weapon or armor that you want to equip and equip it.

Have in mind that in the case of Armor, if you manage to get a collection (all three armor pieces in a set), you will also get an extra bonus that you can check out on the Armor page.

Always look forward when running

You always need to know what the game throws at you, so it would be a good idea to play looking a bit forward: it’s better to be prepared and plan how to tackle the next set of enemies than to be surprised by them.

Also learn patterns, such as walls or drops behind specific items or enemies, flying monsters that get you higher up and so on.

Even though all levels are randomly generated, there are some patterns that, once learned, will make your life a lot easier. And looking forward at what the game’s throwing at you will help a lot!

Do you have other tips for those playing Blades of Brim? Make sure you share them in the comment section below!

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Blades of Brim Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Get a Super High Score


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