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Blade Xlord Guide: Tips & Cheats To Starting the Adventure

Blade Xlord Guide: Tips & Cheats To Starting the Adventure

After a cataclysmic battle, young swordsman Ryde and his companions find themselves at the brink of defeat. When a second chance is granted, Ryde fights to live another day but now the mystery of the true power within him remains unsolved. Fight your way to the truth in Blade Xlord, a new action RPG from the minds that brought us games like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius!

In our Blade Xlord tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basic mechanics of the battle system and how to fight effectively. We will also go over upgrading gear and strengthening your party, so let’s get started with our Blade Xlord cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to starting the adventure!


(This section is for players familiar with gacha games. If you want some general tips and tricks for the battle system, skip on below!)

Blade Xlord is a little different from other Japanese RPG gacha games in the sense that it knows rerolling is a thing – that is, to intentionally start the game over to get a super rare character you want at the very beginning of the game.

Within the first few minutes of booting the game up for the first time and after a short plot introduction, the game will make you perform your first x10 summon. You are guaranteed to get a single SSR character, which is a character with the best potential.

We are not too familiar with the characters yet, but just keep this in mind. If you perform the summon and get a character that you do not like, simply delete the game, re-download it, and try again. Rerolling in this game is very easy to do, so you might as well take advantage of it.

Basics of Battle

Blade Xlord’s battles take place on a full 3D plane, where free movement is possible. Because of this, the emphasis is on positional attacks for effective fighting – many of the characters in this game have battle skills that apply bonus effects if they are used in specific spots in relation to the enemy.

For example, Ryde’s Backbreaker skill deals 1.5x the normal amount of damage and 2x break damage when used at an enemy’s rear. If you are not controlling Ryde directly yourself, then you mostly see him hanging out at enemies’ flanks trying to get that damage bonus.

Blade Xlord also features a simple elemental system as well. Every monster and character in the game has one of the six elements, and this will determine if they deal extra damage. Fire beats forest, forest beats lightning, lightning beats water, and water beats fire. Light and dark beat each other out. Keep this in mind when assembling your team!

Early on, the game will also teach you about formations and strategies. You can change your strategy on the fly by selecting the appropriate command. Here is a list of what they are:

  • Individual Attack: the default strategy. Your party will move independently and attack whoever they want.
  • Focused Attack: your party will attack the same target you are currently attacking. Good for taking out troublesome monsters quickly.
  • Hold Back: your party will not use attack skills, but they will use support and healing skills.
  • Assemble: your party will gather at your leader’s location. They will not auto-attack with this strategy.

You will not really need to utilize this during the early game, but when the more advanced boss battles come into play, you will need to start using these strategies. Keep them in mind!

One more thing: Blade Xlord also features a pretty competent auto battle feature. When enabled, your leader will use their battle skills automatically and move in accordance to their skills, so you do not have to worry about repositioning them. However, they will NOT use brave skills or soul bursts, so keep this mind.

Breaking and Soul Burst

Being in the right spot at the right time is the key to fighting effectively in Blade Xlord, and this goes double when you are fighting a boss. Remember to take advantage of the break gauge – it fills up as you damage the boss and certain skills will deal extra break damage.

When the gauge fills up all the way, the boss enters the “break” state and every attack made against them is an automatic critical hit! Use this time to unleash everything you have on the boss, and if you have Soul Burst, now is the perfect time to use it.

The Soul Burst Gauge fills up at you and your party attack enemies. When it is full, tap your leader’s portrait to Soul Burst, which dramatically speeds up your skills’ cooldowns for a limited time. Hit the boss with everything you have got!

Brave Skills

As you do combat, a blue gauge at the bottom of the screen will fill up. This is your brave gauge, and when segments fill up you will get a brave point. Brave points can be used to activate your teammates’ brave skills.

Brave skills are powerful skills that can amplify a party member’s attack power, or protect the team from devastating attacks, or even heal them up. Brave skills can be very useful, so do not forget about them!

Party Formation

You can bring up to four characters with you into battle. This means that you can fit all three roles into party with room for an extra character of your choice, and you can also fit four of the six elements. A balanced composition will do you more good than bad!

Attack characters are your basics characters who know one thing and one thing only: how to do lots and lots of damage! Ryde is your starting attack character, and all of his skills focus on dealing as much damage as possible – even his brave skill.

Defense characters are sturdy characters who have higher HP and defense than the usual hero. They also have skills that let them generate “scorn,” which is this game’s version of aggro. The more scorn they have, the more they will be targeted by enemies, which allows the party to freely position themselves to attack effectively.

Heal characters are fragile than the other two and they do not deal that much damage, but they make up for it with restoration skills that can mend the party’s wounds. Heal characters are the backbone of any party and they can turn a bad situation around!

So far, we have found that the most effective composition is two attack, one defense, and one heal character. This seems to be the most balanced party make up, but feel free to experiment with your characters.

Upgrading Gear

Your characters can equip up to three weapons with them – one main weapon and two sub weapons. They will only use the main weapon in battle, and it must match their preferred weapon type, but the sub weapons can be anything. Characters will be able to benefit from the sub weapons’ stats even though they are not actually using them.

You can also level up gear to make the stats on it stronger, and it is very simple. If you have any unwanted, low level weapons that you will not use, you can fuse them into the weapons you are going to use. There are no extra rules to this – it is as simple as that. There is no bonus experience for fusing weapons of the same type or element or anything like that, so just use whatever you are not going to use.

Accessories will also grant you different stat boosts depending on the type of accessory, but the option to upgrade them will not unlock until chapter 5, and your characters must be at a certain level before they can use them. Make sure to match sigils for better power!

Progressing Through the Story

The world of Blade Xlord is expansive and there is an epic tale waiting for you! Each area in the main quest will have a story area at the top of the list. You will play through this same area multiple times and reveal more of the story, culminating in a big boss fight at the end. Completing this will unlock the next area, advancing the story.

In addition to the main story, each area also has side levels that gradually open up as you complete more of the main area. These levels are optional, but they will reward you with good stuff if you complete them and get all three stars. Some of them are locked to certain days of the week, but they have good drops so it is worth it to check in every now and then.

That’s all for our guide on Blade Xlord. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below.

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