Wadjet Eye’s fans have a lot to be happy about, considering they’ll get to see the end of the Blackwell series of point and click adventure games next year, when Blackwell Epiphany will get released on iPhone and iPad.

David Gilbert of Wadjet Eye has confirmed during the New York Comic Con that the fifth and final Blackwell game will be released early next year.


While it would be a shame to not experience the previous four games of the series, Wadjet Eye assures gamers that prior knowledge of the series will not be required to fully enjoy the new game. As it often is in these cases, knowing what happened in the other games will certainly make you enjoy the latest one even more.

Rosa Blackwell and ghost detective Joey Mallone will be back once again in the starring role, as they search for ghosts all over the city of New York and help them. This time they will be searching for a very powerful being that has the power to destroy the very core of a life to get what he want. A really dangerous being, considering the duo doesn’t really know what he’s after. For the rest, expect to see once again some classic point and click adventure action, with puzzles to solves an locations to explore.¬†Blackwell Epiphany is going to be the biggest game of the series, featuring over 80 locations and full voice acting.

Blackwell Epiphany will be released in early 2014 on iPhone and iPad.




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