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Black Desert Mobile – All Temple Locations

Black Desert Mobile – All Temple Locations
Image via Pearl Abyss
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Black Desert Mobile is a mobile game making its rise in the gaming industry with insane graphics and a compelling story that can fit right in your pocket. And if you’re a new player looking for some adventure, you’re going to be exploring a lot of temples for armor, blueprints, and more. But where are all of these Temples located?

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How to locate temples in Black Desert Mobile

Temples in the game are full of challenges and loot that are worth all the hard work. However, there’s a catch: the temple locations change once a month. This event is called the sandstorm and shuffles temple locations, resetting the challenges and loot that you can get. Fortunately, you can always easily find where these temples are located by looking at your Desert Map.

All Temple requirements and challenges

Black Desert Mobile temple
Image via Pearl Abyss

Even though Temples switch locations, the ones you can go into at your current power level will not change. This is because each Temple levels have CP requirements that you need to meet before they can be entered.

1. The Temple of Serett

The Serett temple is the first one of the Black Desert mobile temple locations, and within this temple, there are five entry levels in which players are required to take part in combat. There are varying minimum CP (combat power) requirements for each of these entrance levels. The fifth and highest admission level of the temple has a needed total of 13,200 CP.

The objective of this mission is to stop the enemies from destroying the temple. You may do this by eliminating all of the enemies in the temple, so establishing your ground there, and guarding the artifacts within the temple is the right play. However, this won’t be an easy task because gamers will have to face off against many bosses of the other faction along the road.

2. Temple of Luinass

The CP needed to go to the fifth level of this temple is 62,000, and the primary goal here is to study the ruins at the very top of the temple. However, it is not going to be an easy task that can be finished in just one minute since the players are going to have to engage in combat with a large number of foes that they are going to run across on their way to inspect the ruins.

You will eventually run across the judge of the temple ruins, and after you have vanquished him, the game will consider the level to have been completed successfully on your end.

3. Temple of Shayla

There are only three entry levels to the temple of Shayla, and in order to access the final level, one must have 1,300 CP. When the players first enter this temple, they will have to avoid several hazards and have a high level of attention in order to navigate their way through all of the traps that are located here.

The players will finally be able to enter a room packed with various prizes once they have overcome all of the adversaries and traps that are extremely difficult to survive. If you open the treasure chests there, you will be rewarded with a significant amount of riches as well as success at the Shayla temple. In addition, the major objective of this temple will be to finish the mission of vanquishing all of the bandits.

4. Temple of Tukar

The players need to beat the guardian of this Tukar temple known as Laytenn as soon as they enter the temple with the direction of the Black Spirit in order to go to the fifth level of the temple, which requires them to have a CP total of 14,000.

The floor tiles each contain a unique peril, and the players absolutely must be on the lookout for it because if they walk in one, the game is effectively over for them.

5. Temple of Ohm

The Ohm temple is the final but certainly not the least important of the Black Desert Mobile temple sites. There are a total of only three levels within this temple, and it will require you 11,000 CP in order to go to the next level. The objective of this stage for the players is to gather as many resources as possible before the Kureba arrives at the time specified by the game. This can be accomplished by mining or foraging for resources (the food of Kurebas). Because the more of their food that you gather, the more Kurebas will come to help you.

Because you have taken their food, the Kurebas, who are the guardians of the Ohm temple, will come to battle against you after the allotted time has passed.

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Black Desert Mobile – All Temple Locations


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