We’ll never let go! BitLife, the game where anyone can be anything, is back again with another movie-inspired challenge. This time we’re heading out to the wide open sea with the Titanic challenge! This romantic challenge will have players relive the experiences of the film… for better or worse! We’ll help you complete the challenge with our BitLife guide on how to complete the Titanic challenge!

A Rose by any other Name

The first objective on the challenge list is to be a female named Rose. Start a new life and make sure to choose female, then name yourself Rose. Easy start!

Learn to Swim

Next up is to learn how to swim. You can’t do this until you’re in high school, so go ahead and live your early life as a good little girl. Be nice to your friends and family because you’re going to need all the help you can get later on in this challenge life. As you’re aging up to high school, be sure to stay a little fit by going on walks.

Once you get to high school, try out for the swim team. Your athleticism doesn’t need to be that high to make the team, so keep trying until you’re successful. When you make the team, you automatically know how to swim so you’ll get credit for this objective.

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Draw me like one of your French girls

Your next objective is to become a nude art model. This is one of those random jobs that will pop up from time to time on the public listing, and it requires no formal training or education. As soon as you graduate high school, check the jobs and look for it. You have to get lucky, so don’t sweat it if you don’t see it at first.

Note that the final two objectives require a hefty amount of money, so keep this job as long as you can and make sure to save as much money as possible.

Tossing diamonds

The next objective is to throw away diamond jewelry that is at least five carats. You can purchase jewelry from the Jewelers under the shopping tab. Buy any diamond jewelry that is at least five carats, then go into your assets and throw it away.

This ship can’t sink!

The final – and most dangerous – objective is to survive a shipwreck. First off, to even be in a shipwreck, you need a SHIP, so you’ll have to purchase a boat. Before you can do this though you’ll need to earn your boating license, which shouldn’t take too long.

After you have your license and a boat, simply take your boat out for a cruise and eventually you’ll get into an accident. Your character will either die in the shipwreck or live to tell the tale, and we hope luck is on your side because it’s completely random what you’ll get.

If you manage to survive the shipwreck, congratulations – you’ve completed the Titanic challenge!

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