BitLife is back with another fun challenge, and this time we’re taking a trip back to the Jazz Age of the roaring twenties! Introducing the Gatsby challenge, a challenge that will take you back in time as you party throughout the ages. We’ll help you complete the challenge with our BitLife guide on how to complete the Gatsby challenge!

Gatsby Challenge Objectives

In order to complete the Gatsby challenge, you must complete the following objectives:

  • Live in New York
  • Be a famous author
  • Have 20+ friends
  • Throw 10+ wild parties in your mansion
  • Become addicted to alcohol

Early Beginnings

Start a new life from scratch and make sure to set New York as your starting city. You’ll spend your early years living as usual, but you’ll want to be a little more social this time around when you’re in school.

The easiest time to make friends is during your early school years, so make sure to accept any classmates who want to be your friend. Go through your classmates (School -> your school name -> class) and see which ones have the highest relationship meters. Give compliments to the classmates who have their meters at least in the green, and then attempt to befriend them.

You don’t have to, but it’s best if you try to get all 30 friends during this point in your life. Every time you advance a year, make sure to check your classmates list and see if any new classmates have appeared. Once you get out of high school it’s a lot harder to make new friends, so doing it early is best.

When you turn 12 years old, you gain the ability to spend time with all of your friends, so utilize that to save a LOT of time and maintain good relationships with your friends.

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Getting the Job and Becoming the Life of the Party

When you reach college, it helps to set your major as either English, Communications, or Journalism, as this will help you out when trying to become a writer. We’re not certain, but even if you don’t get any of these majors you still have a chance of becoming a writer, so don’t sweat it if these majors don’t appear after a couple of years.

This is an optional step, but can help out in the long run. The perfect time to party is in college, so make sure you accept any party invitations you get from your friends – and you should be getting many if you got lots of friends during your early years. Go to enough parties and eventually you’ll be addicted to alcohol.

We’ve heard that you also get addicted faster if you’re unhappy, but we cannot confirm this. Be careful if your parents gave you car, as being addicted to alcohol while owning a car can bring up the DUI event and it can cost you precious time.

Once you are addicted, try to immediately recover and go to rehab. Make sure you’re going for walks and hitting the gym up to recover your lost health. The reason you’re doing this now is to set yourself up to get easily addicted in the future.

Start looking at the job listings as soon as you’re out of college. Like most job hunts in BitLife, the Writer job will appear at random. Advance a year if it doesn’t appear and hope for the best. Once you get the job, work harder and make sure to spend time with your co-workers in case you need to earn a more friends.

The Famous Writer who Partied Hard

Keep up the performance meter for your writing job and eventually you’ll become a famous author. Now that you’ve got a lot of money, spend it on photo shoots, commercials, and the like to get your fame up even higher.

After a few years with a LOT of money saved up – we’re talking in the millions – you can now try to buy a mansion. It MUST be a mansion, as the challenge specifically asks for that. If you’re lacking the dough, you can try the mortgage route.

The mansion may not show up in the real estate listing at first, so advance a year and check again. It’s a random chance, like many things in BitLife, so be patient and wait for it to appear.

Once the mansion is yours, throw a party every year (it can only be done once a year). If the police show up due to complaints, make sure to behave – going to jail can ruin everything you’ve worked towards, as you’ll lose your job and fame, making recovering to complete the challenge a very difficult task if not outright impossible at this point in your life!

Go ahead and hit up the nightclub again or go partying with your friends to get addicted again, which shouldn’t take too many tries since you’ve been addicted in the past. Voila – you’ve completed the Gatsby challenge!

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