BitLife: How to become a Lawyer | Tips and Cheats


Seek out justice and defend your clients with honor in BitLife, as you can now become a lawyer! To become a lawyer, you’ll need to study a lot in school and make sure you do well in law school. It is one of the most prestigious careers to have, after all.

Thankfully, becoming a lawyer is one of the more straightforward career choices in BitLife, and there is much randomness involved, which makes it less of a headache trying to collect the career. Read on to find out how to become a lawyer in BitLife!

Start off Strong

Like many of the other prestigious career choices in BitLife, you’ll need to start your life out on the right foot if you want to become a lawyer. Start a new random life and hope that you get some decent stats.

As long as most of your stats are above 50%, then you should be fine – you can work on upping the rest of your stats as you live your life. The most important attribute you need to maintain is your smarts attribute, as it goes hand in hand with being a critically thinking lawyer.

For your early years, just be a good person and stay in school. Be nice to your family and friends, don’t skip school, and make sure to go to the doctor whenever you’re not feeling great.

Your high school years don’t really matter too much, so just focus on taking care of yourself and staying healthy and smart.

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Seeking Justice

After high school you have to choose to go to a university. Make sure to pick either Political Science or Criminal Justice as your major, and you should be set. From here on out just do as you did when you younger – focus on school and make sure to keep your stats up.

Once you graduate from university, it’s time to move onto higher education. You’ll need to attend Law School. You can attend graduate school before if you want, but in our experience this didn’t really change anything.

As always, be sure to apply for scholarship to see if you can get a free ride. If your smarts are high enough and you did well in school, you should be able to get a scholarship no problem.

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Become the Ultimate Lawyer

Graduate from law school and it’s pretty much smooth sailing from here. As long as your smarts are still high, check out your job listings and you should see a number of listings from law firms.

You’ll need to accept one of the lower positions like a Law Clerk or Junior Associate, and then work your way up. As soon as you take on one of these jobs, you will become an official lawyer.

Perform well and put your all into defending your clients, and you will be promoted. If you can make it all the way up to at least Partner position, then you will collect the lawyer career in your achievements section!

And that’s it! You should now be a lawyer. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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BitLife: How to become a Lawyer | Tips and Cheats


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