Bitlife: How to be Born in Denmark


Bitlife, the text simulator game from Candywriter, has a long list of challenges players can complete. Many of these challenges involve a few different stipulations such as being a certain gender, getting a specific career, or being born in a particular place. One such challenge is the Under the Sea Challenge where players must follow a few rules to gain this accolade, one of which being born in Denmark. Find out below how to do this in our guide- Bitlife: How to be Born in Denmark.

Being Born in Denmark (or any other specific region) in Bitlife

Upon opening the app, you may have a Bitlife started already, If you can, start a new life, or finish the one you began. When you start a new life you can choose the person’s Name, Gender, Country, and Place (City). If you also have God Mode enabled through in-app purchases you can choose a Special Talent, change your Appearance, and select Attributes.

bitlife country
Choosing a Country in Bitlife (via Candywriter)

There are 88 Countries (or Territories) to choose from in Bitlife, each with its own laws on gambling, sex, alcohol, healthcare, and more. Players can choose to emigrate to a specific country if they need to, or they can choose to be born in a country before they start their Bitlife.

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To be born a citizen of Denmark, players must choose Denmark as their place of birth, and pick one of two cities to live in: Copenhagen or Aarhus.

danish cities bitlife
Danish Cities in Bitlife (via Candywriter)

For the Under the Sea challenge the character must also be the following:

As you can probably guess these stipulations are inspired by the Disney movie: A Little Mermaid, based on the Danish tale of the same name.

That is all you need to know about being born a Danish citizen in Bitlife. Good luck!

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Bitlife: How to be Born in Denmark


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