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BitLife: How to Be a Social Media Influencer | Tips and Cheats

BitLife: How to Be a Social Media Influencer | Tips and Cheats

Welcome back to BitLife, the game where you can be anyone can be anything! Today, we will be looking at social media in the game and how it works. If you are looking to be a social media influencer, look no further as we have the perfect guide for you here.

In Touch Tap Play’s BitLife guide, we will show you how to start your own social media career and how to grow your follower base. There are many steps to take, so let’s get started with our BitLife tips and cheats guide to be a social media influencer!

Take Care of Yourself Growing Up

To become a successful influencer on social media, you’ll need to have a good upbringing. Be nice to your immediate family and make sure to maintain good relationships with any friends you make to keep your happiness levels up.

You’ll also want to make sure to keep up with your studies and do well in school. That means no school skipping for you, kiddo! You’ll need high smarts in order to sway the general public into following you.

Most importantly, you gotta be attractive. If your looks are too low you will have trouble getting popular on social media, which unfortunately is a lot like real life. Thankfully here in BitLife, no one can judge you!

Remember: if any your stats drops too low, you may get a “boost” chance which appear next to your lowest stat. This is an immediate 30% booster to the stat in question, so be sure to take them when you see them.

However, if you start a life and your stats are extremely low, it’s usually a good idea to just start a new life and hope you get lucky with better stats next time. This is especially important if you have really low looks.

Sign Up for all Social Media Platforms

In order to increase your brand name and influence reach, you should sign up for all five social media platforms. Unfortunately, this means that you’ll have to text a friend five different times. Of course, you can always just message yourself.

The rather annoying is that you have to do this every new life, so make sure that you give it your all to become a social media influencer!

Once you’re signed up for all five platforms, you can start working towards your career. The earlier you create your social media profiles the better, as you will naturally begin to accumulate followers.

Try to Get a High-Profile Job

Now that you’re all grown up at you can enter the working force, you’ll want to aim for a job that gives you more fame. You don’t necessarily need to go to a university for these kinds of jobs, but you can if you have the time to spare.

It’s best to start with a small part-time job for now to give yourself some pocket change, as you’ll need some money to better yourself for the next big hit. Do freelance work or part-time jobs for now.

Once you have some money, it’s time to start working on your looks. Start a diet if you haven’t already, and make sure to pick Nutrisystems, the most expensive option, for the best results.

After that, start hitting the gym to work on your body tone. You’ll have to do this manually, but the more you do it the more your looks benefit from it.

When your looks are around 80% or so, you can start looking for jobs that affect your fame, like an actor/actress, a singer, or maybe even a porn star if you’re into that!

Spread your Social Media Influence

With a job that will help you get famous, a smokin’ bod, and all of your social media accounts set up, it’s time to make your move.

First off, the best way to naturally gain followers is to simply post content to all of your social media accounts. To start off with, you should alternate posting content to all of your accounts until you get something that goes viral. You can focus all your efforts on that individual account once that happens.

We found that the easiest social media platform to do this with is YouTube, but your mileage may vary as there is a lot of randomness factored in. Just keep posting videos and you should gain lots of followers.

Eventually you will be given the offer to promote a product, or you can do it manually. You can earn money from promotions depending on how many followers you have, but there’s a good chance you’ll also lose followers, so be careful.

Try posting a different variety of posts to see what works for you. When we did videos about BitLife, those seemed to get the most views, but again you may have different results.

Dealing with Trolls and Suspension

On the other platforms like Instagram and Twitter you will often times have encounters with rude people. Much like real life, the best way to handle these situations is to ignore the trolls and continue with your life.

If you react negatively and insult them back, you might get your account suspended. When your accounts are suspended all of your progress comes to a grinding halt, so it’s best to avoid this.

A quick and relatively cheap way to get more followers is to simply buy them. You can buy up to 5,000 followers at a time for a mere $150, though be careful not to do this too much – every time you buy followers there’s a random chance your account will be suspended.

In the event of an account suspension, you can appeal the decision by choosing between five different explanations. There seems to be virtually no difference between them, and the chance to get your account unbanned is very low. You’ll just need to keep trying until you get a successful appeal, so it’s best not to get banned in the first place.

Stay Healthy, Work on your Job, and Keep Posting

As you are making posts on your social media platforms, make sure that you’re also taking care of yourself. The second you let yourself go your fame will begin to drop, and that will lead to lost followers.

Make sure you’re doing well at your job, whatever it is. The better you’re doing, the more fame you will accumulate, and you’ll eventually be able to interact with celebrities.

Once you reach around 100,000 followers on a platform, you can try to get verified. When you have at least one verified account and gain a bunch of followers, you’ll eventually become social media famous!

Once you’re social media famous you can promote whatever you want and interact with celebrities, upping your followers by even more. If you’re on YouTube and your account is monetized, you’ll earn lots of money from ad revenue.

To help increase your fame and gain more followers, you can start doing events like book signing, commercials, magazines, and more. You can find all of these listed under the fame section.

With enough luck and some tried and true dedication, you’ll eventually become a social media star. You just need to keep on getting followers! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to help on the social media road to fame, let us know in the comments below!

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BitLife: How to Be a Social Media Influencer | Tips and Cheats


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