Bit.Trip.Run is really a superb rhythm game sporting a unique colorful setting. The game manages to capture everything that made the original Bit Trip Runner an engaging experience and adds even more.

While the game’s appearance might suggest that this game could be a walk in the (colorful) park, once the game is started you’ll realize how challenging it really is, especially if you’re trying to collect everything and see all the game has to offer.


Even though the game can be somewhat frustrating at times, all the challenges that Bit.Trip.Run throws at you can be cleared with a bit of practice. Thankfully, the game’s tight controls never get in the way.

To help you master the game, we will be covering some small tips and trick. The game will still not become a walk in the park, but you may enjoy it a bit more than before.

  • Checkpoints

If you’re aiming to get all the gold bars of the game, a simple trick will make it a bit easier to get all of them in a single run. When you miss a gold bar, simply hit an obstacle on purpose. You will go back to a previous checkpoint and be able to get the missed golden bar without having to play the whole stage again.

  • Gold Bars

The Gold Bars aren’t in the game just as simple collectibles. They can be used to unlock a few extra features like extra characters, which can be used in the game in place of Commander Video, and the cannonball mini game which will help you score huge amount of points.

  • Double Jumping

More than once during the game you will have to perform a double jump to keep moving forward. To make sure you never miss performing one, it’s better to completely remove the finger from the screen while the first jump is still going to on. By doing so, you will not be missing a double jump ever again.

  • Extra Difficulty

If you’re a real masochist and want to experience a harder difficulty setting for the game, you can tap the difficulty setting on the bottom right part of the screen right before starting a new stage. Please note that you will not be getting any Golden Bars for playing the stages in their harder versions so just play them if you’re looking for a challenge and nothing more.




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