In today’s article we’ll present you the latest game from Com2uS, Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf. Nice 3D graphics combined with realistic hitting effects in a game where you can compete against players from all over the world. A casual fantasy golf game for not just golf lovers but for everyone!

Picking up your team Captain

When you enter the game for the first time you’ll be asked to pick your team’s Captain. You can always change your Captain so don’t worry about it. Keep in mind though that each character has it’s own strengths and weaknesses plus a unique set of passive skills.

Erin has the widest swing zone of all characters in Birdie Crush and that makes her a good option for beginners.

Kris is a well balanced character overall. Beginner friendly with the second widest swing zone after Erin but higher Driving Distance and Mentality.

Lucie specializes in Accuracy as she scores the highest from any other character.

Martina, the hardest hitting character as she scores the highest Driving Distance points. Her very low accuracy makes her a hard character to control.

Upgrading a Character

Whenever you level up you get upgrade points. You can invest the level up points and make your characters stronger.

After level 20, you can get Trait points additionally. Different characters have different passive skills that you can acquire by training them.


Another way to upgrade your characters is by using equipment. Gears in Birdie Crush vary from Normal to Legendary rarity. You can increase your character’s stats by leveling up and upgrading their gears.

You need to use Power-Up Stones and gold to level up gear. Every gear depending on it’s quality has a Max level. Once it reach Max level you can use Gold and Promotion Stones to acquire a higher rarity gear (Single mode exclusive equipment cannot be promoted).

Disassemble equipment that you don’t need to earn Power-Up Stones. Events and quests are also another way to acquire Power-Up Stones.

Wooden clubs and golf balls are the most effective equipment to increase Driving Distance. You’ll be able to send a golf ball ever farther away as the Driving Distance increases.

Iron clubs and golf bags are the most effective equipment to increase Accuracy. As your accuracy increases the control zone becomes smaller. You’ll be able to send a ball more accurately that way.

Wedge clubs and club covers are the most effective equipment to increase Swing Zone. You’ll be able to make more stable shots as your swing zone increases and swing bar area becomes wider.

Increasing the equipment grade is the most effective way to raise Mentality. When mentality increases, the hazard penalty and swing bar speed decreases. That way you can overcome the hazard more easily.

Putter is the most effective equipment to increase Putt. As the Putt increases, the short putt guideline gets longer.

It is highly recommended to keep accuracy and swing zone stats 20 points higher than driving distance stats.

If the driving distance is higher than the accuracy and swing zone, it becomes harder to make an accurate shot because the control zone becomes wider and the swing zone becomes narrower especially when you are sending a ball to the farthest.

Higher grade equipment gains more stats. There are some Epic and Legendary grade equipment that posses set effects. A set effect is activated when you equip a set equipment.

Leveling Up

Take advantage of the Auto-Function in Single Mode. Even though auto play results may vary depending on the stats of the character entering the league, you will still earn EXP and gold.

You have three options when you start a new League. Full, half or go straight to Post league.

In Full League you’ll enter for the entire league. Various rewards and equipment will be available based on the league’s difficulty. In half league the games are less but so are the rewards. If you decide to go straight to post season League, only ranking rewards will be available. The higher a League difficulty is, the better the rewards.

You can spend some gold to activate buffs before the start of the League. You can choose up to three characters as part of your team. Every character that participates in a League will earn EXP.

Try to level up more than just one character as you are going to need at least two level 10 or higher to participate in events.

Stay tuned for more detailed guides on Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf. If you have any questions or something that you would like to add, let us know in the comment section down below!

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