The new Flappy Bird is here and it’s titled Bird Climb! The amazing skill game looks really good and is insanely addictive and I am sure that you if you try it out, you get hooked instantly. Which means that you want to improve your high score as much as possible, and that’s why we are here: to help you achieve that by sharing some Bird Climb cheats and tips to keep on going.

So if you struggle and always lose in the lower stages of the game or you simply want to get better, read on our Bird Climb tips and cheats strategy guide!

1. Learn how to tap
If you tap fast, your bird will gain momentum and climb faster, while tapping at a slower pace will basically have your bird stay at the same height or gain just a bit. Learn how each of the tapping methods work and use them accordingly to the area you want to reach. Never take a risk and always go for the safest area: that’s usually the one you actually have to reach!

2. It’s not all about the gems
Collecting gems might soon become your main reason for playing, but try to understand that you don’t have to collect all gems in order to keep on going. So if you see an opening you can reach, but that means skipping a gem, do so and you will actually get a lot farther. There’s all the time in the world to get a ton of gems!

3. Revive carefully
At first, I was spending my hard earned gems to revive my bird even though I was getting the game over message below the 10th level. This was a bad move: I was inexperienced and I didn’t gain much from my revives. So my advice is to hold onto your gems and only start spending them after you get your first game over above stage 15 (or around that). No matter when you first lose, it will always cost 10 Gems for the first revive, 20 for the second and double each time you want to use a new continue. So if you really want to score the greatest possible score, start with at least 70 gems in your bank and hope for the best.

4. Take your time
You don’t always have to go up fast. On many occasions, I simply moved from one wall to the other, waiting for the perfect landing in order to go higher. This is especially useful for those crazy areas where you have to get past a long row of obstacles – if you don’t get your timing right, you won’t do it!

5. Practice a lot and take breaks often
It doesn’t sound like these two go hand in hand, but they actually do: even though the more you play, the better you get at the game, if you keep your playing sessions too lengthy, you will eventually tire or get very frustrated and you won’t be able to progress. So remember to take breaks often (for ever 10 minutes of playing, I would recommend at least 5 minutes of time out) and you will see that you will get better and better scores.

All in all, this is an amazing game and if you have other Bird Climb tips or cheats, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below. Or at least brag with your high score!



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