With all the Ebola scare, playing games that challenge you to infect and destroy a human being over and over again using all sorts of illnesses and diseases might not be the number one choice, but Bio Inc – Biomedical Plague is a good game nevertheless. And I am here to help you get the most out of it with some Bio Inc cheats and tips that will create the ultimate strategy guide for the game and will help you beat all levels with three star ratings – and master those Severe difficulty settings.

So if you’re having trouble winning the game and destroying your patients, check out our Bio Inc cheats and tips and you will do it like a pro.

1. First focus on the immune problems
I find the immune category the best to start with, even though you won’t have too many options from start. However, this lowers the overall response of the patient and can help you destroy him easier in the future.

2. Nosocomephobia is important
I don’t even know if that’s a real thing, but unlocking the Recovery feat that keeps your patient from going to the doctor is really important as you can work down his health a lot more than otherwise. I would go with this as my second choice of things to unlock in the game.

3. Risk factors come third
You don’t want to go with diseases head first because the patient will go to the doctor. Work on everything else and unlock Risk Factors. Depending on your level you already have some. If not, the over 60 is extremely good, as well the ones on the left which unlock more complicated diseases later on.

4. Then pile up on the disease points
After following these steps, most of your patient’s categories will decrease slowly. Now it’s time to pile up some disease points – let’s say 25 – and then go to the disease. I would personally suggest to spread them evenly at first and attack as many areas as possible: you want them all lowered because you need them all to reach zero in the end for the patient to die and for you to win. If you focus on one category for too long, the patient will get into the emergency room and the cure will be ready faster. So first go for a lower decrease on all categories before going really hardcore.

5. More recovery options
Right now, your patient will probably go to the doctor because of all the health problems. I would suggest investing in the Bad Doctors feat in order to lower the research rate, then after some more disease points are gathered, send the nurses on strike (eventually, later on, send them again on strike) – but you might want to wait to have at least one strike still available for when the patient is in the Emergency Room.

6. Take down one category
See which of the seven categories have the lower health percentage and invest a few more traits there as well. This will hurry the category’s decay and eventually it will reach zero. At this point, the patient will be take to the ER and recovery will be extremely fast. Now it’s the time to heavily invest in the diseases and use those nurse strikes – as all the categories will decline a bit faster. Invest in the lower ones again do bring down as many as possible and have the patient’s health degrade even worse.

7. Scenarios matter
Depending on the levels you are playing, you might want to change strategies a little bit. Some patients are more prone to go to the doctor at the first sign of illness, while others get fast mutations, so it’s worth investing a bit sooner in the diseases. Either way, the first few steps that I have recommended here should generally do the trick!

These would be our Bio Inco cheats and tips. Do you have other strategy suggestions to easily beat the game? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. Any suggestions on how to beat the “2074” level on hard?
    I’m pretty sure I tried almost everything by now but the patient always recovers before I can manage to kill him!

      • Hm, i’m having some difficulties too. I’ve tried to stealthily develop several risk factors and cure traits before going avalanche with the heart diseases, but the game starts healing the patient even if he has no disease running at all… :S

        • Yeah, the patient heals much more rapidly at Stage 12: The Impossible Stage…

          Making medicine poisonous is a must– if you noticed, making medicines poisonous costs more on this particular stage, because that is the trick to winning. Plus, if you can, you have to delay the patient from going to the hospital (level 1) & emergency room. Then after a while, unlock bad doctors so you can take off some of the recovery points later. And at least save one hospital staff strike for during the emergency room.

          I forget which order of diseases I gave it, but I was going on the Lung Cancer + Heart Attack strategy through several stages. I built up 40-50 Bio Points and immediately gave it Lung Cancer first. Then progressing towards Heart Attack, it died just before that from Arrhythmia.

          After Lung Cancer and on the way to Heart Attack, the patient died in 324 days! Cause of death: Arrhythmia with 250 Bio Points at 80% Recovery on Severe difficulty.

          P.S. Without a Flu Epidemic, some of the levels are not possible because there are not enough bio points to collect. I’ve also beaten several levels playing in Fast Forward mode.

        • Okay. I feel you. You can easy clear that ok level. Read each disease bio carefully. That’s how I figured it out. Still not got it… Here is the answer… SUICIDE. Smash his nervous system. Get dementia and major depression. Forget about every other system. It never fails. I have 71 stars using this method. I just can’t clear ‘Natural Recovery’ like that. Works every where else.

  2. Hi guys, I’m playing this game by now and it’s thrilling, I’ve reached “Happy Birthday” stage on Medium and now I’m collecting some other stars from the previous levels in order to unlock 2074 stage.

    Strategies are plain and I agree with you on those, it’s important to keep the patient quiet as long as you can (developing risk/recovery factors and hard-to-spot diseases like Insomnia) and then exploit everything lethal you can afford with your Bio points.

    Just one thing: I’m trying to let my patient go suicide, but it simply doesn’t work. He started to think about suicide in many games, but then the system collapses and he… well.. simply can’t throw his life away anymore. I wonder if there is a specific path to follow in order to let the patient die as a suicide, can you help me?

      • I took screenshots of my winnings. I unlocked that achievement playing on Stage 1: Unhealthy at Mild difficulty. I don’t remember the exact combo/order, but I think it was by maxing out the nervous system with Major Depression + Dementia, adding Dysthymia to the immune system, and possibly with the Unlucky risk factor. Achievements without a difficulty constraint are easier to get on Mild.

        Cause of death: Suicide in 197 days! with 146 Bio Points at 44% Recovery

        P.S. Stage 12 is impossible.

        • It worked!
          Thanks for your feedback Rajat :D
          I’ve thought that once beneath intensive care one couldn’t attempt suicide anymore, but I was wrong. Unlucky risk factor + Insomnia + Dysthymia + the whole path towards Major Depression and the poor guy has nothing more to deal with the world. xD

          Ever tried to develop all of the risk factors and Cure feats before evolving any of the possible diseases? It should work well for the later stages

          • Yes, I have tried to load up all of the risk factors and recovery items, but it takes so long that a minor disease eventually self-evolves and then the patient immediately goes to the doctor.

        • Impossible stage is possible
          Notice that the description says victim can’t die from any disease,I haven’t tried suicide on impossible but suicide isn’t a disease

    • I did it after reading the comments and seeing that you could make him commit suicide and me making him have suicidal thoughts I decided to try and make die of suicide. So how it works is simple so first save up your points (I got 50) then head over to you little disease section and buy as many brain diseases that you can I got burnout without dementia them you want to get depression and if you dont have it dementia also pick up insomnia and over 60 years old. By the time he goes to the er he should have suicidal thoughts. Now. After I got bad digonnos (I know I spelled is wrong) he died with a gunshot in the background ( you might want surgery error or whatever it is)

    • 1. make him get fear of hospitals and clincs 2. get till 50 bio point and get to nervous system purchase: stress, chronic stress, nervous breakdown, burnout ( purchase workaholic before that) , major depression 3. go to recovery and get: placebales ( tell me if i mispelled it and dont buy it during the emergency) , bad diognosis, surgical error
      4. bonus risk factor: over 60 years old
      5. you might get your victim to suicide or die
      Hope you enjoy :D

    • Since the goal is to beat it quickly, do not spend on any recovery items except for placebos if the patient takes prescriptions. And a good risk factor to add is Over Sixty.

      I beat it with respiratory failure from Lung Cancer in 139 days, with 82 Bio Points, at 38% Recovery. I also beat it with digestive failure from Colon Cancer in 135 days, with 77 Bio Points, at 37% Recovery.

    • Hi guys. THe easiest way to beat 911 is going crazy on the kidney deseases and remember to evolve malnutrition and dehydration and hypertension before going on renal system

    • I recommend only working on the circulatory diseases. The recovery doesn’t matter on this particular stage. When you get enough bio points, get hypertension, high blood cholesterol, angina, brain aneurysm (you’ll need the smoker risk facto r to do this) then heart attack. This should get you straight into the emergency room.

  3. allrite any spot 4 da last level? as it has been called it really appears as “impossible”… i mean i won all da 3 stars levels b4 dat and now i can’t even hurt him in da 1 star level… wtf should i do? o.O goin’ crazy bro…

  4. Still cannot achieve suiside! I did exactly as was suggested developing the immune factors first to disthimia then the nervous ones to major depression the guy dies form Major Depression! He does not commit suiside! Any idea what can I be missing? I tried with unlucky – did not work I made him a drug addict hoping he will OD – nope! I even tried giving him painfull deseases (like fibromialgia) hoping pain will drive himm there – niks! What am I doing wrong? Can somebody please who actually unlocked this achievement post a sequence of the steps?

  5. I did make him commit suicide. in immortal stage. I went fast for nervous system until i got major depression and i added risk factor over 60 years and workaholic. (+recovery but i think that is not important). I have a screenshot also but i will post it later.

  6. I did it again on immune shield. This time i added heredity cuz on immortal it auto evolved and i forgot about it. Im pretty sure thats the combo for suicide on every level

  7. its easy to do: unhealthy , hypochondriac , healthy , professional athele and immune system. but how to do CALL 911 its so hard to do less than 150 day D:

  8. can anyone post the exact combo for suicide? I did insomnia, dysthimia, every sickness in the nervous system, unlucky and the guy still won’t kill himself. what am I missing? that impossible stage has to go down!

  9. added unlucky, drug addict, and poisonous medication, flu, malnutrition, still wont suicide. I didn’t do paralysis, or aneurism thia time though.

    • For suicide, get 50 then spend them all in nervous system until you get depression, its not necessary paralysis. Get dementia and unlucky, when he starts thinking about suicide get diseases like flu, salmonella and muscular pain so he feels miserable and kills himself. Aprox 50 or 60 you got depression he sólo suicide using this strategy.

  10. Ive beat impossible stage on mild and medium with suicide. What I did was make him scared of the doctor both of them, placebo and poisonous pills bad doctors both, workaholic, then stress cronic stress the one after that and the one below, then work up to depression in the nervous system, and for added affect old age and unlucky, but keep bad diagnosis, botxhed surgery and both doctors and nurses on strike

  11. Yes, I have beaten emergency room and call 911 on lethal. For the emergency room I used double bio points, however you need some luck. ( the first time the game cured heart attack which messed it up). With call 911 I beat it in 146 days by focusing on the nervous system and used some helpy things aswell

  12. Just beated imposibble on severe. Started with insommia and the second from the immune tree. Then started attacking the nervous system ( nosocomephobia evolved randomly and so did chronoc stress ). All the way up to major depression and dementia. After that bad doctors and placebo and then full attack on the immune system. Victory in 208 days with recovery under 60%.

  13. Alright so I’ve almost beaten all levels on lethal, I’m currently a pre medical student in college so most of the challenges were easy to figure out. The one I’m stuck on is weirdly enough, licensed to ill on lethal. Even if you start with 25 points to quickly deplete his immune system, his systems won’t crash quickly enough to meet the time limit. Even when you decide to choose the 15% power up, you are unable to create a well enough rounded disease to crash ALL systems in time. Suicide never comes quickly enough either, which is what I used to beat happy birthday on lethal. Any suggestions on recommended power ups or strategies? I usually favor the renal system due to lupus and sepsis.

    • I beated happy birthday on lethal by force him to suicide I retried 2 times before it work depend on your luck too
      my choice start with work holic and overweight
      then go insomnia and fatigure now wait until you get 50 bio then buy all nervous symtoms (dementia and major depress are really important)then go to immune upgrade the depress (the man sitting with raining cloud)and wait until he pick his gun:)
      P.S.this work on other stage too but you have to retry sonetimes
      optional boost:on sale,recovery break,head start

  14. How do you beat 2074? I’ve tried getting rid of the nervous system and heart, which it started making all the other parts of the body start to fail, but then I lost. Can someone please tell me the best way to beat it?

  15. I recommend putting no more than one disease on each system, except 2 on immune, until they go to the doctor, then focus on nervous system, and finally attack whatever is weakest. This, combined with nosocomophobia, can keep you hidden until the annual check up (which is unavoidable) and do moderate widespread damage that’ll really help later. Ignore any buffed systems if applicable (heart and lungs on Athlete, immune on immune sheild). Save all strikes for the ER as they will prevent more due to the higher research rate. This strategy is usually fast enough for Happy Birthday. For Dial 911, it gets tougher. Go for big symptoms immediately, and no nosocomophobia or recovery reducers. Remember, for this scenario, you don’t have to successfully kill him, just get him to the ER ASAP. Also, on the Immortal stage, I recommend suicide. This requires major depression, dysthymia, and unlucky. It’s pricey , but vital with his recovery rate. Going for suicide doesn’t seem to work on lower stages(or at least it wouldn’t for me) as they die too quickly with those advanced symptoms. Have yet to unlock Impossible Stage, so no tips yet, but I suspect he’s basically a buffed Immortal.

  16. Can anyone please tell how to make john smith attempt suicide? Please tell… I am a beginner in this game… I’ve just completed the internship.

  17. I have noticed you have to get the renal system last. It is always the one to die the quikest. Plus get placebos. I would not get bad doctors because they don’t do anything and the game will probably give it to u later. Malnutrion opens up a lot of deiseases


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