Billionaire. Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


Money. It’s what makes the world go round, and now you’re sitting on a grand opportunity. Billionaire. is a business management game that tasks you with expanding your businesses to rake in the dough. We’ll help you get rich in an instant with our Billionaire. cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

Ready to make a ton of cash? Read on for Billionaire. cheats, tips and tricks!

1. Build all available businesses at the start!

When you first start out, you have access to about seven or so businesses. To get a good amount of cash, you should build all of them, as the next tier of businesses require your net worth to be at a sizable $10,000.

2. Tap tap tap tap!

When constructing a new business, you can speed things along by tapping rapidly on the construction button. Every tap lowers the construction time from a fraction to a whole second or so depending on the value of the business, and is great for speeding up the process. If your finger is tired or you just can’t be bothered to tap, then you can also opt to spend crystals, the premium currency, to automatically finish a building.

3. Manage your threat level!

The only mechanic in this game that requires your actual attention is the Threat mechanic. Each business can have a threat level attached to them. Your businesses will collectively give you a total threat level, as indicated by the percentage. The higher this is, the more suspicious authorities will be to your recent boom in wealth. If it’s too high, the authorities will confiscate your businesses, and sentence you to jail for a certain amount of time.. This is highly detrimental so controlling your threat is key! Look for businesses that have low or no threat, and also do note that some businesses even reduce your total threat, such as the Community Space. Which brings us to our next tip!

4. Aim for the high value, low risk businesses!

Once you hit the second tier of businesses, you should aim to buy the Baby Center as soon as possible. The Baby Center earns a whopping $450/min while having a maximum hold of $36,000! On top of all that, it has no threat level! By the way, businesses that have no threat level stay and no threat level even when they’re upgraded, which means the Baby Center can get even better!

5. Sell off weaker businesses!

Eventually, when you do get around to building the Baby Center, your threat level is probably going to be at around 35% or so. At this point, the best thing to do is to sell your older businesses from the first tier, such as the ones that don’t make too much money. The main objective is to get rid of threat, and cutting off old, less valuable businesses is the best way to handle it. For example, the Joint Dealer is one of the best businesses from the first tier with a $220/min rate and $1,000 max hold, but it has a threat value of 7%. You’ll get way more efficient buildings with time, and that’s your cue to get rid of your old, risky businesses.

6. Check back frequently to collect the dough!

Aside from the threat level management, this game is all about waiting. Once you’ve got your businesses set up, go ahead and step away from the game for a little while. Play a different game, read a book, whatever floats your boat! Just be sure to come back to collect money from any business that has hit max hold.

With patience and some clever trickery of the authorities, you’ll be a billionaire in no time. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!

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Billionaire. Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. My son has been playing billionaire for a couple of weeks keeping his threat low but it got up to 18% for a couple of hours today with his net worth at 1 billion. Then he gets a sentence of 37000 hrs…. That’s 5 years …. They call it back to the future. ????

    He was enjoying the app but it seems he has no choice but to either start again or just delete it…. Isn’t this a stupid way to lose a customer…. Anyway of getting out of this?


  2. No he didn’t adjust the time, i was with him we brought a business went to football practice came back it was there. Poor little fella was gutted. Any other ideas?

  3. I am sorry to say tony but ur son cheated. I tried to cheat once myself and it was the same consequence, (different time of course). But that “s” guy was right

  4. I bought the community space to lower my threat level. But now I’m running low on money and want to sell it, it will let me sell everything apart from the community space! Anyone know why and anyone know how I can fix this?

    • You can’t sell the threat lowering buildings. It’s not a bug there’s nothing to help you fix. Once you buy it make sure you want it because it isn’t leaving

  5. I believe u get pandora by buying $10 worth of diamonds cuz that’s what I did to get Eden. Not sure about Asgard though so if anyone know please fill me in

    • To get pandora, you need to buy all the threat-reducing businesses. To get Asgard, you need Dinobot Museum(I think), Underwater City, Mountain of the Eye, Eldorado, Avalon and upgrade everything to level 10. I think you might need Pandora too.

      • to get pandora, u need all the threat reducing buildings including eden

        to get asgard, you need to get imperial star, dinobot musuem, magic school, underwatercity, mountain of the eye, avalon, and eldorado to at least level 10

      • I can confirm that Asgard unlocked for me when Eldorado, Avalon, Mountain of the Eye, Underwater City, Dinobot Museum, Imperial Star, and Magic School hit level 10 for me last night. I don’t know if I needed all of them, but after I tool them all from level 9 to level 10, Asgard was unlocked. I only have Pandora at level 2, so it’s not in the mix.

    • To get Asgard you have to level all the tier 7 buildings to level 10. And to get Pandora you have to buy all the community buildings (negative threat buildings.)

  6. To easily get out of jail sentences..

    Make sure your not signed in Facebook on safari, when in Billionaire click ‘CALL A LAWYER’ then ‘FB’ and leave safari as soon as It opens and go back to the app…

    Sentence bypassed.

  7. Whats the best buildings to buy and the ones to avoid, and is it true they take ur money when ur in jail. Just started the game and me and my bro are in a lil competition lol I need to get better, any tips?? Cheers x

    • i hace done everything , i got al my buildings at lease in level 10, except Pandora, but asgard iw not opening. .. a y Other suggestiones

  8. Can someone tell me how your net worth goes down. I got the game a day ago and got my net worth up to $4,000,000. I came back and I went down to around $2,000,000. Can someone explain the net worth system to me in this game?

  9. pandora is you have to buy Eden and Asgard you have to upgrade all the last buildings to level ten I have upgrades all of them except Avalon and el dorado but I can’t get those because they cost so much does anyone know how to get them quickly

  10. My threat level is at 10 percent and I got sentenced… and it was right after collecting my money. how exactly does sentencing work in the game? I’ve had higher threat levels and didn’t check back with the game as often and was never caught.

  11. Hi all. Been playing for a while now, I’m about to unlock the very last buildings at 3T. Im just wondering if anyone knows what all the achievements are? Poor and desperate for diamonds haha.
    The best advice I can give is to buy EVEry business with 0 threat and every business that reduces your threat, and make it a priority. You can be convicted randomly if your threat is anywhere above 0%, the lower your threat the less likely it is but unless it’s at 0 it’s possible to get convicted at any time. Once you get a higher net worth (1 billion+) the conviction time gets ridiculous and you can’t tap it off, so you either have to wait, watch ads repeatedly or buy diamonds.

  12. I was just wondering if you go below 0% threat and I want to build the military company and it is 70% threat and if I buy will it give me 70% threat or will my threat be lower because I was below 0

  13. Your threat level can be a minus number it just doesn’t show it so if you have -150% and buy a 70% threat building your threat will remain zero. Looking to unlock pandora, anyone whose done it what even is Pandora? Is it threat lowering or a business? Stats?

    • Pandora makes 1.25 trillion a minute you get it by buying all the 0% threat businesses you also need to spend real money around £5 to get Eden then you unlock it. Asgard I have no idea lol

  14. Pandora earns 2.5 trillion at minute max hold 450 trillion! To get this business do what I said above and when competed. to purchase pandora it is completely free! It comes up right at the bottom of the business page marked free! If you like playing this game with the small business or ones what make billions I what recommend not getting pandora because it makes it way to easy to win if your in a battle against your mate. It basically ruins the game In my opinion especially because know one knows how to get Asgard!

  15. I unlocked pandora getting all the minus’s in the game (including Eden which is 1500 diamonds, I bought $5 worth) so then pandora unlocks and that makes you 450 Trillion max hold but I have no idea about Ascard. Someone said it would be to level up everything that costs over 3 Trillion (starting with Imperial star) but to level up my pandora just 1 level is 84 quadrillion so idk how that is possible

  16. Here is a hint from Alegrium: in order to unlock Agard, you need several specific buildings running at specific level. Same rules applied to Pandora, but with different requirements.

    But i don’t know how what building or what level to do that.

  17. The only way to get out of it quickly is to jailbreak if on I phone and get local APS store which allows free in App purchases and (buy) the required amount of gems to skip the wait time!!

  18. Guys i have all building except el dorado and avalon. Im at 5.2 quadrillion net worth and 3.91 Q available cash and it is nearly impossible to buy those 2 even with the help of using jailbreak because pandora gives me 450T and others are literaly garbage. Asgard is still not unlocked. It is true that pandora unlocks when you buy all of the minus threat buisnesses because only noahs ark was left to buy and when i bought it , pandora unlocked. Forget about asgard its going to take weeks to buy last 2 buisnesess one of them is around 300qd and the other one is around 850 + all i can do is something like 2-3 in one day…. If anyone finds a real solution , please share. Thank you.

  19. Ok so after doing a little bit of experimenting I have came to the conclusion that you can’t just edit your money in the app and you can’t IAP crack 500b to get up to 700Qd so I found out that if you IAP crack gems to get around a couple billion you can buy and sell Area 48 for around 100T to reach 700QD…Good Luck people with jailbreaks.

  20. I can’t seem to find how to change my name. It only says “Name” and when I click on it it tells me my achievements and that’s it. Help!

  21. Ok so ppl I need to get some of the final trot buildings and my threat is at -58, exept that some of the final teir buildings have a threat of 150 SRSLY HELP ME

  22. Please somebody help me. I almost am #1 on the leaderboard but I can’t find out how to get the mystery building (I think it’s called Soard or Sqard) at the end of the game. If someone could help me that would be great:)

  23. Just found out the ultimate glitch for the people who have reached the final tier of buildings
    DO NOT BUY PANDORA OR ASGUARD, YOU CANNOT SELL THEM- that means you will always have their threat levels attached to your account if you have them!
    The only buildings you need are enough buildings to give you above 1000% threat (all threat reducing buildings (you don’t have to buy Eden) at lvl 10 gives you around this much reduced threat)
    The glitch is with the Dinobot museum.
    Once you are able to buy the imperial star, level it up as much as you can and you will find that at a certain level (around 35) you will be earning more money per minute than you can hold! This works the same with the Dinobot museum but the museum holds more.
    Buy the museum and make sure you have over 1000% reduced threat to spare.
    Keep leveling up the Dinobot museum and at around lvl 180, it will reach 999% threat. At this point, the buildings cannot gain anymore threat! That means you will be able to level up the Dinobot museum to the highest it can go without gaining threat!
    Of course the rate of $/min will be waaaayyyyy above capacity but still, at lvl 200 you recieve 234 dec-illion per tap of the “collect” button.
    Hope this shows that all you have to do is reach the final tier to be considered richer than those who spent gems buying Eden or the people who have ASGUARD or PANDORA!

  24. Does anyone know that there is any level of threats? I mean I tried to keep my threats under 20%, and not much net worth. But everytime I buy buildings and get into 21%+, I will get convicted. Is there any max position?

  25. To get Pandora just get all the threat level lowering buildings including Eden. As for Asgard you need underwater city Avalon mountain of the eye and el dorado all upgraded to lvl 10

  26. I played this game without using any cheat codes, right. Ow my available cash is around 10.5 Quadrillion. My question is there are two businesses at the end that are still blank doesn’t let me buy them. My brother has around 97.3 quadrillion available cash and it doesn’t show for him either. Does that mean we finished or is there a way to buy the other last two businesses. Please let me know

  27. Ok everyone, TO GET Pandora and Asgard and better stuff, you must have all tier 10 items and buy Eden (1500 gems) then you buy Pandora for free then upgrade all tier 10+ businesses you have to 10 or above and then you have Asgard. You can work out the rest yourself, I think you get more from achieving the last achievement (the Kronos thing or something, it’s a picture of a giant with a bag of money)

  28. Hello,

    I think i’m a little bit stuck at the moment.
    I got:
    – dinobot level 101
    – pandora level 39
    – asgard level 39
    – avalon level 61
    – eldorado level 66
    – vessel of charon level 25
    – pyramaze level 28
    – planet namek level 24

    My networth is 46 QT

    Threat is not a problem because i have -400% and 60k diamonds to upgrade eden even more.

    I use time shift cheat to earn money, get around 19-20 QD each time.

    I don’t know what to do next because upgrading dinobot will cost way to much before earning some good money. Same for vessel of charon, pyramaze and namek if i want to get them to level 50 to unlock colussus citadel and deity dimenssion.

    Anyone got tips to move forward?

    Ps. Upgrading time isn’t a problem for me.

  29. I left the game and then re-downloaded and it says to get my old save I go into settings and then save/load but I can’t seem to find where that’s at. Anyone have answers?


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