Fight for your right for the throne in Billion Lords, a dungeon designing tower defense game! Heroes from the realm of the light are invading the underground, so show them what it’s like to step into the dungeon an underworld lord! Our Billion Lords cheats and tips will show you the best dungeon strategies to employ and how to tackle your rivals lords!

Billion Lords is a game all about creativity, so make sure to be as wild as you can and create a cool dungeon! We’ll help you get the tools you need with our Billion Lords cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Don’t let any resources go to waste!

Gold, stone, and souls are your three main resources. Gold and stone are used for constructing and upgrading buildings, while souls are used to upgrade powerful generals. Throughout the early stages of the game, you will be flooded with resources and consumable items that grant you an immediate amount of resources.

Be very careful not to let any of this go to waste, as it’s very easy to hit your capacity limit early on because your storage buildings aren’t upgraded. Watch your limits and just upgrade one of your buildings to get rid of excess resources!

Upgrade your Generals!

Generals are your leading force during attacks, and they will often make or break your army’s advance. To upgrade them you will need a lot of souls which are generated automatically in the Graveyard. Be sure to upgrade your Soul Crystal as well, as that will dramatically increase your soul cap.

While the Graveyard is a good supplemental resource of souls, you will need to battle through the Braves Incursions in order to get lots of souls. These fixed levels will have you defend yourself against waves of heroes, and surviving will reward you with a good amount of souls.

What’s even better is that clearing a level with three stars allows you to “raid” that level – which is essentially an auto-complete. Raiding a level will give you all the rewards without you actually having to play through the level, which means this is a great way to earn lots of souls. Do note that it still costs the regular amount of AP to raid.

Complete your Daily Missions!

Every day you will receive a set of new missions. They aren’t too complicated, requiring you to do things like play ranked a certain amount of times or collect some resources. While it’s worth it to do them for the individual rewards alone, completing enough Daily Missions will fill up the meter at the top of the screen. Once filled, you will be rewarded with some gems for your trouble.

Create converging paths!

Remember that eventually enemies will be able to invade your base through four different spawn points. You will need to construct accordingly, and make sure you put an equal amount of defense on all four sides.

You can do all sorts of tricks, but one of our favorites is creating converging paths. Enemies will always travel down the paths you create for them, so why not funnel them into one path where most of your traps are set up?

Of course, don’t limit yourself to this strategy, as there are an endless amount of ways you can deal with enemies. It’s all up to you and your dungeon of evil!

That’s all for Billion Lords! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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