Bike Unchained Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Ready to shred the trail? Bike Unchained is a timing based biking game that’ll have you tricking and blazing your way down awesome mountains. Build a team full of bikers with different stats, customize your bikes and make ’em stand out from the crowd. Bike Unchained is going to test your timing, so let’s get started with our Bike Unchained cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Get the flow timing down!

Pay attention to the green lines on the track. These will let you know when you should be flowing and when you should let go. As a general rule, whenever you see downhill slopes you should be flowing; if you see inclines or any kind of upward change, you should let go to preserve your speed. Getting the timing down on perfect flowing is key to fast times!

2. Keep trying until you get the perfect time!

In each level, there are three separate rewards categories: bronze, silver, and gold. The better your time is, the better your chance at getting gold. Before each level starts, you can check to see what time you need to beat. You get a separate reward for each tier, so if you manage to get gold, you’ll get all three rewards! You should always try for gold because it’s the only way to get obtanium, the premium currency of the game.

3. Pedal rapidly uphill!

You know how at the start of a race you have to tap the flow button repeatedly to start your momentum? You can also do this when you face an incline! Instead of just waiting for your biker to pass up the hill, you can tap the flow button to have them pedal faster. You’ll get up the incline much faster than you would if you just waited, so try it out!

4. Perform as many tricks as you can!

As you perform tricks in the air, your adrenaline meter will rise. At maximum adrenaline, you’ll gain a nice speed and jump boost for a short time. Try to perform as many tricks as you can – even when there aren’t any full ramps around! Watch out for small little humps and bumps that will give you a nice boost. Just be careful not to be too greedy – if you’re still in the middle of a trick animation and you hit the ground, you’ll lose all of your speed! Also, be sure to hit the flow button right before you land for a smooth landing. This will help preserve your speed.

5. Outfit your rider!

Be sure to claim your free sponsor packs! You’ll get random parts and riders from them. Eventually you’re going to need to build your team up full of diverse riders, so you need to make sure that they’re all good to go. Also, don’t forget to apply your XP packs! Your riders will not level up naturally on their own; you must apply collected XP packs to them to give them enough experience to level up. As riders level up, they can equip stronger skill badges.

You’re ready for the high paced racing adventure! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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Bike Unchained Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. The game robbed 10,000 gold and took £14.99out of my bank for nothing . Been trying to get it back of fxxking RED BULL they own the game . Took all my gold couldn’t even fix a bike robbing bastards.

  2. vale 1946 your the dumbest person on the planet why would you spend money for gold just compete in slopestyle events and that way you earn more gold than enduro or downhill events

    • Some riders have real-world sponsors like the Athertons and Semenuk with Trek, Genon for Canyon, Söderstrom with Specialized and so on, these wont ride anything but the real-world Sponsor equipment. The fictional Enduro guys like “Fitz Royal” can equip anything.

  3. Dont know if anyone else figured this out: The best Bike for Slopestyle is actually a good DH rig! I struggled with a 2-Star lvl 7 Semenuk to even get 3000 points, put him on a Session with top-DH-parts and viola, he flies so much higher and further getting 4- or 5-piece combos on every decent jump. Also if you equip an Enduro rider with a Trick-Badge and a DH-bike they are Slopestyle winning machines. Getting 5000 points easy by doing the Busdriver (Trick-Stick to the top) once and hence unlocking the Barspin. They will do 4-6 Barspins on every jump getting ridiculous airtime (and despite having a double-crown fork..). Really rakes in good loot since you can get Gold with each of your riders and lets you use all of them. Also some Enduro races are waay easier on a DH bike..

    • Dude that is valuable comment!! Thanks a lot. I keep getting obtainium, trying to “spin & win” better riders, but the GD game doesn’t want me to get too many 3 star riders. That is buggin the shit outta me! Any thoughts on how to get ‘good spins’ with rider, sponsor boxes, etc ?? Thanks, cheers!


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