It’s time for some extreme off-road racing with Bike Rivals! Bike Rivals is a physics based motocross game where you get to race across exciting terrains, all the while pulling off awesome stunts! We’ll help you speed through the courses and pull off crazy tricks with our Bike Rivals cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

Read on to find out how to become the best racer with our Bike Rivals cheats, tips and tricks guide to getting quick times.

1. Use gentle tilting for precise stunts!

As stated in the intro, Bike Rivals uses physics to propel you along your race! Besides you gas and brakes, you can also shift your weight forward and backward to perform front and back flips. To do this, you just need to tilt your device to the right or left. Be sure not to go overboard, because you might send yourself into a down spiraling whirlwind.

2. Perform a lot of stunts to get fast times!

You get a small amount of nitro if you manage to land a flip, and you get more the more flips you do. Nitro is used by pressing the button at the bottom left corner. You get a significant speed boost with nitro, but be careful! Too much speed can send you straight to an untimely crash. With that said, nitro boosting is the key to beating the times you need to get three stars on the levels, so try to perform as many flips as you can! Be sure to catch good air, first.

3. Utilize the burnout for quick starts!

On some levels, you’ll be asked to stay put on a certain spot. Obviously you hold the brake to do so, but if you hold down both brake and gas, you’ll begin to accelerate your back wheel while keeping your front wheel locked. Once you let go of brake, you’ll get a quick boost! This is great for picking up a lot of speed in a short burst.

4. Watch your head!

Your driver is incapacitated the moment his head comes in contact with any kind of obstacle, forcing you to restart the level. Be sure to watch your speeds and watch your terrain when coming up on unknown areas, as some levels will have inclines that will send you straight into the ceiling if you’re going too fast. Be sure not to go too slow either, as a bump or a slight tilt might send you faceplanting!

5. Pull off wheelies on straightaways!

When you’ve got some room, tilt your device left a tiny bit to raise your bike. You’ll continue to move forward on your back wheels, which is a wheelie! This is a tricky stunt to pull off as too much tilting will make you crash, so practice with it! However, once you master it, you can get a lot of nitro with it because unlike flips, you don’t need air to do these; you only need a decent amount of flat space.

6. Take your time when you first go through a level!

Taking into consideration the fragility of your driver, it’s best to tackle new levels you haven’t played before slowly and carefully, since due to the way the physics are, the tiniest mistake can send you reeling out of control. Study the level, practice, and then on your next run, aim for the fastest time!

7. Pay attention to the environment!

Some levels have little contraptions and knick knacks in them that you need to use to progress. For example, there’s one level where you need to stop on a boat which takes you down an otherwise untraversable river. Pay attention to the environment, and watch for signs. Signs with an exclamation mark usually mean that something you need to be careful of is coming up, so keep an eye out!

Bike Rivals is about precision and speed. Go swiftly but surely! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below.



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