The newest football team management game is here! Big Win Football 2015 tasks you with leading your own football team to victory! Suggest plays, equip your team, and use power cards to win the games! We’re here to help you on your journey with our Big Win Football 2015 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Equip higher rated players!


Each player card has a number in a circle at the bottom left corner of the card. This number is a general representation of the player’s overall strength, so naturally you’re going to want to look for the higher numbered cards.

2. Equip boost cards!

If one of your players has a blue exclamation mark next to them, that means they have an open slot for a boost card. You get boost cards like any other cards, but they provide a passive bonus to the player’s stats, like more strength, agility, and so on.

3. Pick the strategy tailored to your team!

When starting a game, you can select your offensive and defensive biases. If you really want to take advantage of this, you’ll need to look at each of your player cards. For example, if your offensive line has players with more higher Run than Hands, then you’ll want your offensive bias to do more Run plays. It takes a little time but it will help if you want to give your team that extra edge!

4. Heal injured players!

Sometimes, after a game, some of your players will be injured. The chances of this happening are greater if you lose the match. When a player is injured, their stats are dramatically reduced, making them a dead weight to your team if you still put them in the game. You can heal them with coins, and you should do so as that is one of the few ways you can actually spend your coins.

5. Compete in Big Bowls!

Aside from leveling up, the only other way to earn bucks (the currency you need to buy more card packs) is through big bowls. Big bowls are leaderboard-centered games where you play a certain amount of matches, and depending on your total score, you’ll earn some coins and bucks.

6. Use your big impact cards!

Big impact cards are temporary power ups you can use for one game. You can use up to three cards for one game, and they can be the deciding factor in a win or loss situation. Don’t underestimate them, but also try to only use a couple of them for smaller games. Remember that you can only get them from card packs, so they’re not easily accessible!

With that, you should be able to build your football dream team! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!



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