Big Time Sports Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Winning All Sports


It is time to join the big leagues in Big Time Sports, an Apple Arcade game that features the best sports around the world. Anyone can play but only few can master Big Time Sports with the simplified controls but challenging mechanics of each sports.

In our Big Time Sports tips and tricks guide, we will show you how to play each sport and give you tips on how to get high scores. Let’s get started with our Big Time Sports cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to winning all sports!


Welcome to the premiere sport of Big Time Sports! There are two phases to basketball: the dribbling phase, then the dunk phase. During the dribbling phase, a white notch will move back and forth in bar. Tap the screen when the notch is over a yellow circle. If you land it, the circle will turn green – if not, it will turn red.

Every circle you land on will increase your dunk meter, as shown by the gauge at the top of the screen. In order to successfully dunk, you need the meter to be in the green portion. Yellow or red will result in a miss, and you will lose a life. Be sure to tap rapidly during this part to keep the meter up.

Note that the timing on the notch during the dribbling phase is pretty lenient. You do not have to be exactly on the circle for it to count, you just need to be relatively close. However, the notch gets faster and faster the farther you go, so be prepared!


Swipe down on the left side of the screen to kick forward. Smooth swipes are needed for full power of each kick. Your top speed will increase with each kick, so the game will start to throw hurdles at you.

Tap on the right kick to ollie over hurdles. The hurdles appear about every 150 or so meters, so keep an eye on the distance indicator at the top of screen to prepare. Eventually you will be going so fast that you will not be able to react by just watching for it alone!

Alpine Skiing

Not much to this one – simply move left and right to go through the flags. Each flag you pass through increases your speed, and eventually you will be going super fast it may be hard to react to the incoming flags.

Try to stay near the center of the screen so that you are equal distance away from flags that could spawn near the top or bottoms of the screen. This way, you have a better chance of reaching the flags that come in super fast.


Baseball is sort of like basketball. The first phase shows a white notch that bounces back and forth in a bar. At both ends of the bar are the yellow circles, and as you can probably guess you have to tap when the notch is in the circles.

The speed at which the notch bounces back and forth changes abruptly whenever you successfully hit a circle, so be careful not to be thrown off by unexpected slowness or speediness.

Then you have to angle your hit. Try to stay a little low, but angle it upwards just a little bit. If you angle it too high, the ball will go straight into the sky and you will gain no distance. You are shooting for horizontal distance! When the ball is in flight, quickly rotate the virtual joystick to give the ball more spin, giving it more speed.


Your goal is to swim across the 1,500m pool as fast as you can. There is nothing to avoid here – simply spin the right joystick to move your arms, and then time your taps on the left side in time with the marker.

The left marker does not change speed ever, so all you need to do is get into the rhythm of tapping with the time. As for the right side, you just need to keep spinning.


Perform big, full swipes on both sides of the screen – swipe down on the left side, and up on the right side. When the markers hit the circles, you will increase your speed.

To maximize your speed, you need to ensure that you do not swipe on both sides at the same time. If you do, your pedaling will essentially cancel itself out so that you will not go fast as you could.

High Diving

Your diver will jump a few times on the board, then jump off. Tap and hold to start rotating. Your objective is to perform a clean, straight dive into the water, which is harder than it sounds!

Your diver will continue to rotate until you let go of the screen, at which point he will straighten out. The first few times you try this, you will probably not be straight at all, so don’t sweat it.

Here is a key tip that works for us: watch the diver carefully – you notice how there is a “pointy” part of him? You can use that part as a reference of the direction he will straighten out in, so try to let go of the screen when the pointy part is pointing downward.


A simple game of football is great for anyone who wants to relax! There is not much to this one; all you do is pull back on the screen to aim your shot, then let go to fire. Get as many goals as you can in the hole before time runs out!

Weight Lifting

This one is a bit tricky! To successfully weight lift, you need to fill up the gauge at the top of the screen. To do this, you need to keep the white notches inside the “power zone” on the left and right meters.

The notches will start in the power zone (the green zone), but gradually drop towards the bottom over time. Tapping on the respective side will boost that notch up a bit. The power zone will change direction on a whim, so make sure you follow them closely. Do not tap too much or too little!

Speed Skating

You have two circles on both sides of the screen. A blue circle will begin to grow inside one of them – tap on it when it overlaps with the dotted circle. Good timing will turn the circle green, and you will speed up, whereas bad timing will turn it red and slow you down.

To get the best times, you need to constantly be hitting the circles with good timing. A perfect run will get a time underneath 30 seconds!


Pull back to aim your shot and apply power, then release! A hole-in-one is worth 3 points, while a normal hole is worth 1 point. Just watch out for the flag that moves back and forth in the middle of the screen, as it will block your shots.


A white bar will bounce back and forth beneath your feet – this is your shot angle. Tap to make the shot! Hit the targets as they appear with good timing, but make sure to hit them fast. Targets start out with a value of 5 points and gradually decrease over time, until they disappear completely.

It is best to be accurate and land the shot than just shooting wildly hoping that you will get lucky. Be swift, but take your time too; accuracy is a little more important than speed here. Some points is better than none!

And that is all of the sports in Big Time Sports! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Big Time Sports Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Winning All Sports


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