Welcome to the world of wonders: the city in the sky! Big Company: Skytopia is a city building game set in the cerulean skies. No longer the limit, the sky is your canvas to build as you see fit.

Construct a thriving trade city from the ground up, establish trades and sell goods, and make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. Our Big Company: Skytopia cheats and tips will show you some pointers on running a good sky city.

Although Big Company: Skytopia has a fantastic setting, it plays pretty similar to other city building games. If you’re familiar, you will know what to expect here. Let’s get started with our Big Company: Skytopia cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Complete the quests!

Your Logbook at the bottom left corner of the screen isn’t just for show – it will contain all of your latest quests. Completing the main quests is very important because not only do they reward you, they also lead you down the general progression route.

If you are ever unsure of what to do next, just take a quick peek at your Logbook and see what you should work towards.

Spend your free Fair Ticket!

Every day you get one free ticket to use at the Fair. Spinning the wheel at the Fair will reward you with a random goodie, ranging from random materials to gold bar vouchers! You never know what you are going to get but it might be good, so do not miss your free tickets!

Keep your facilities busy!

Remember: this is a market city simulation, so the most action you will see in this game is producing more and more materials. With that said, the key to keeping your uptake healthy is to always have busy facilities.

Don’t let your facilities idle for too long! Check in often to collect your materials and sell whatever you can, then queue up more productions. The more busy your city is, the more money you will make!

Use your fuel wisely!

Once you unlock fuel, you can use it to fill up any of the four bonus ships. Each ship provides a boost in that specific resource – for example, when the Turboencabulator is fueled you will earn more experience points than usual.

Fuel is rather hard to come by, so make sure you use it on the ship you need the most. When in doubt, the Turboencabulator is always a good choice as leveling up is never a bad thing.

Keep fulfilling Contracts!

Fulfilling contracts at the Airship may seem like a side method of earning money, but it’s actually more important than that. At later levels you will start needing materials that can only be earned from completing contracts.

Not only that, but the Airship gains its own set of experience points, and when it levels up you and unlock additional bonuses for it. Keep fulfilling contracts early on to ensure that your Airship doesn’t fall behind!

That’s all for Big Company: Skytopia! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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