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Big Big Baller Guide: How to Unlock All Skins / Balls

Big Big Baller Guide: How to Unlock All Skins / Balls

We absolutely love playing Lion Studios’ Big Big Baller game for mobile and we’ve already shared some tips and tricks to help you do better in this game. But what about unlocking all skins in Big Big Baller? Well, we’ve got you covered with that too in today’s article!

There are tons of skins that you can purchase and unlock to personalize your ball in the game and prove how good you are. There are several skins that you have unlocked when you start playing, but the really cool ones are not those that you can unlock with coins, but those that you earn from achieving various things in the game.

And we’re here to talk to you about that – how to unlock all skins / balls in Big Big Baller, including those rare skins that you never knew existed (or you knew, but didn’t know how to get). So let’s get this started, one step at a time!

How to unlock Coin Balls in Big Big Baller

These are pretty straightforward balls to unlock: simply tap the “Skins” button in the main menu and you’ll see a list of balls that you can unlock by paying the required amount of coins. The good thing is that you can unlock them in any order, so if you enjoy a particular skin, you should save money for that first.

You can also unlock these balls by spinning the wheel when given the chance (you have to watch an ad to do that) and you also have the chance to try any of the balls from the main menu.

In order to do this, you will see a cardboard box in the main menu with a question mark on it. Tap it and you will have the option to either pay 200 coins, or watch an ad to try it for one game. Never spend your coins on these, no matter how much you like a skin as it is a waste of money!

How to unlock Challenge Balls in Big Big Baller

The Challenge Balls (aka secret skins) in Big Big Baller are the most fun. At the moment, we have 27 secret skins in the game that can be unlocked only after you complete a specific requirement. We’re listing them all below, with the requirements for unlocking each of the skins:

Chocolate Cookie skin: Log in tomorrow to claim (you must log in for 2 days in a row).
Bomb Skin: Log in for 3 days to unlock
Cow Skin: Log in for 7 days to unlock
Green Alien ball: Log in for 15 days to unlock

Note: Since this is not specified, we believe that you don’t have to score consecutive log ins in order to unlock the “day” balls.

Sliced Orange ball: Play 10 games
Red Bowling Ball: Play 30 games
Fried Egg Ball: Play 80 games
Zorro Ball: Play 150 games to unlock

Eggplant Ball: Crush 30 opponents to unlock
Jigsaw Puzzle Ball: Get 10 first place ranks
Meteor Ball: Crush 100 opponents to unlock
Chicken Ball: Crush 200 opponents to unlock

Orange Ball: Absorb 300 total objects
Mummy Ball: Absorb 800 total objects
Queen Ball: Absorb 2,000 total objects

Water Polo Ball: Reach a size of 500m to unlock
Black and purple ball: Reach a size of 800m to unlock
Strawberry ball: Reach level 6 to unlock
Deer Ball: Reach level 15 to unlock
King Ball: Reach level 22 to unlock
Unicorn Ball: Reach level 30 to unlock

Mouse Ball: Rank First 30 times
Bear Ball: Rank First 60 times
Kitty Ball: Rank First 100 times

Red Riding Hood: Crush 500 people (on the streets)
Sushi Ball: Crush 500 vehicles
Penguin: Crush 1,000 buildings

There is also a final, gift ball – the smiley face ball that you unlock if you make the “Super gift” purchase from the store.

And this would be it! These are all the ball skins in Big Big Baller and you know now how to unlock them. Basically, if you’re active and keep on playing, you’ll have a ton of skins to choose from really fast.

Now let us know what is your favorite ball type in the comment section below.

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Big Big Baller Guide: How to Unlock All Skins / Balls


  1. Thank you for actually telling us how to play the game to win, (I saw your first video) and how to unlock the skins. I’ve watched other videos and they just showed going through the course they never tell you how to finish first. Thank you for the all the advice it will come in very very handy. I also am or was addicted to playing Hole..io.. it’s a great game but once you’ve mastered it you can win every time. Again thank you so much it’s so appreciated. Have a great day!!!!


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