It’s time to race the world in Big Bang Racing, a physics-based racing game for iOS and Android! Race against other players’ ghosts from around the world in the far out racing world! Use your mid air rotations to perform flips and tricks to give yourself speed boosts! Master the terrain and take on the world with the help of our Big Bang Racing cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Perform as many flips as you can!

Early on, you will learn that doing a full rotation in the air will light up your wheels. Once you hit the ground, you will get a short speed boost that can really put you ahead of your opponents. One thing to keep in mind is that your starting offroader rotates slowly in the air, so before you commit to a flip, make sure you scope out the terrain in front of you and make sure you will clear the jump!

2. Watch your head!

Going off of the above tip, it is very important that you take that last bit about making sure you have enough air to heart. If you screw up a flip and land on your head, you will lose your hat. If you land on your head one more time, your neck snaps and the run is instantly over! That alien head of yours looks squishy, but it is actually pretty hard. Be careful – some levels are design to drop objects behind or above you, so always be alert!

3. Play the floating levels!

Big Bang Racing consists of community made levels, so new levels are popping up all the time. If a player has published a level recently, it will float up into the sky as a purple gem in the sky. You should try to play these levels when they come up, as they are great ways to earn gems, the premium currency of the game. Instead of collect map pieces and coins, you have to collect gem shards. Mini shards replace the typical coins, but work the same – for every 100 you collect, you earn a gem. The three big shards you have to collect to pass the level are worth 25 mini shards each.

4. Alternate between levels and competitions!

Beating the regular trial levels will reward you with up to three map pieces per level. Once you have collect enough map pieces, you will find an Adventure Chest! Adventure chests contain upgrade parts and gems, but you will have to wait the designated time before the chest opens. These wait times are usually around an hour or so, so it is best to alternate between the modes. When you place high enough in a league race against other players’ ghosts, you will earn a medal. Four medals will create a Racing chest for you, which also has a time limit on it. You can still play whichever mode you want even if you have a chest in queue already, but just be warned that you will not earn any points respective to the corresponding chest!

5. Keep upgrading!

Are you finding yourself constantly behind the competition during league races? When in doubt, keep upgrading your components to increase your CC. Every little upgrade helps to make your vehicles go faster. Do not forget that you can also upgrade your existing components! Not finding any components in the chests? No problem! Just upgrade what you already have.

That’s all for Big Bang Racing. If you have any other tricks or tips to share, leave a comment below!


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