It is time to spin to win in Beyblade Burst Rivals, the official match-3 game of the hit toy series Beyblade Burst. Valt Aoi is an aspiring Beyblade rival, and it is up to you to help him along his journey to become one of the world’s best Bladers. You can also experience the story of Valt’s friends on their own personal quests to become Bladers themselves. Our Beyblade Burst Rivals cheats and tips will show you how to let it rip!

Beyblade Burst Rivals is a pretty standard match-3 puzzle game, but if you are a fan of anime series and/or toy line, you cannot miss out! With that said, let’s get started with our Beyblade Burst Rivals cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Use the right Bey for the job!

It is important that you always try to use a Bey that has the advantage over your opponent’s Bey. For your convenience, Attack Beys beat Stamina Beys, while Stamina Beys beat Defense Beys, and finally Defense Beys beat Attack Beys. Each of the Bey types are color coded, with Attack being blue, Stamina being orange, and Defense being green.

When you are choosing a Bey to use in a battle, be sure to look at the box next to the Bey. If the arrow is pointing up, that means that Bey has an advantage. A down arrow means a disadvantage, and an equal sign means no change.

Make sure you have enough Beycoins!

Your Beys will gain experience as they fight through battles. Once they have gained enough experience, they will be eligible for a level up. To do so, you must pay the Beycoin fee. The lower level the Bey is, the cheaper the fee is, but it will rise every time they level up.

Make sure you have enough Beycoins, because if you cannot afford to level up a Bey once they have hit their experience point cap, they are effectively stuck at that level until you scrounge up enough Beycoins to pay the fee. With that said…

Keep unlocking crates!

Unlike most mobile games with crate unlocking-type progression systems, Beyblade Burst Rivals does not limit you in the amount of crates you can hold at once. This means that you can keep playing and not have to worry about wasting crates. However, you can only unlock one at a time, and some of these crates can take up to 14 hours to unlock depending on how good the contents inside are. It is best to always have a crate unlocking, even if you do not plan on playing the game.

Unlock Boost Abilities!

Bladers have their own set of special skills called “Boost Abilities”. You must unlock them by paying a Beygem fee before you can use them. Boost Abilities are powerful and can give you the edge you need to defeat powerful opponents, so consider spending your Beygems on them. You need all the help you can get!

Match your Blader with the correct Beys!

In addition to Boost Abilities, Bladers also have passive skills that affect certain types of Beys. You can check out details in a Blader’s profile. For example, Cuza is a three star Blader that has a +3% boost to Defense type pieces, which means that he increases the Stability of Beys better than others. Pair him up with a Defense Bey and go for the ring out victories!

Go for the victory that is best suited for your Bey!

If you are not sure what victory to go for, try to pick the one that best suits your Bey. As we mentioned above, if you have a Defense Bey, you can utilize the special pieces that let you get ring out victories easier. It is best to try to focus on one type of victory rather than just matching all pieces you see, as you will spread yourself thin if you do that.

That’s all for Beyblade Burst Rivals! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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