Bethesda’s beloved franchises like The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and Doom have come together in a way you would have never imagined! Bethesda Pinball is a fun and lighthearted spin on the grand adventures these respective universes usually put you through. Instead of surviving a post apocalyptic wasteland or battling through the legion of hell through normal means, you’ll be doing so through a good ol’ classic game of pinball! So let’s get started with our Bethesda Pinball cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Bethesda Pinball isn’t your ordinary pinball game as there’s a lot to discover here, so here’s our Bethesda Pinball tips and tricks guide!


1. Don’t forget about nudging!

You can swipe the top portion of the screen to simulate nudging the pinball machine. This will put a very, very slight spin on the ball’s current movement. If you time this right, you can give you ball that extra “oomph” it needs to get over an edge or something. We had a lot of moments where our ball would be teetering on the middle of a thin divider. Nudging is incredibly useful in instances like that.

2. The Doom Table!

  • When playing on the Doom table in single player mode, you’ll be asked to choose a difficulty. Hurt Me Plenty is the “normal” mode and it’ll play out like a regular game, with helpful power ups like ballsaves, kickbacks, and extra balls. Nightmare mode disables all of those, but you’ll gain points at a much higher rate. Risk versus reward! We recommend getting used to the table before you attempt Nightmare mode.
  • See the ominous skull in the middle of the table? That’s the Titan Skull. Entering the skull for the first time in a game will let you choose a mission. These missions require you to do specific things but grant a lot of points plus an Argent Cell, which increases your maximum health, armor, and ammo. Keep an eye on the ticker at top left to get hints on what you need to do for the mission.
  • One thing to keep a note of is the “Meltdown” event. Going through the left loop enough times will trigger this event. The chamber with the Cyberdemon and the three bumpers will fill with lava, and if you can get a ball in there it will ignite. Ignited balls will do more damage against demons and thus more points. Try to activate this event as much as you can!

3. The Fallout Table!

  • Right below the top left flipper is a Nuka Cola. Hitting this is kind of tricky considering how small of a target it is, but you’ll restore some health if you manage it. As far as we know this is the only other way of healing yourself besides buying items and collecting loot, so keep it in mind when you’re in a pinch.
  • Periodically an Eye-bot will spawn on the table. Hitting the eye-bot will net you a bunch of points plus an opportunity to hit the super jackpot. If you can hit three eye-bots simultaneously, you’ll earn an extra ball.
  • Beware the radiation events! Radiation clouds and storms will spawn around the table. If you are radiated, your maximum health will decrease. If left unchecked radiation can severely crippled your combat potential so it’s wise to cure it as soon as possible. You can cure yourself in the shop, but also keep in mind that some loot drops will be radiated. It’s usually still worth it to pick them up, though.

4. The Skyrim Table!

  • Aiming is arguably most important on this table as you can dish out and avoid big damage using good aim. Keep an eye out for the shield targets during combat, as hitting them will reduce the damage on the next hit. Even better – if you have the Power Bash perk unlocked, additional target hits will result in a Power Bash that can disarm your opponent, rendering them unable to attack.
  • Explore Caves to the fullest. Caves are one of the random exploration zones you can come across. Inside caves you can find chests, enemies, and more. You can head for the exit immediately if you want to get on with the main game, but we recommend exploring the entire cave for extra goodies. If you’re lucky you might even find an extra ball!
  • Join a faction as soon as you can. Joining a faction will grant you a passive bonus to your current character. Be careful! If you die you will lose progress with all factions. You can actually join every single faction on a single character, and doing so will give you a lot of great bonuses. These bonuses will often grant you more points for doing certain actions that are associated with that faction. For example, if you’re in the Thieves Guild you’ll get more points when you open chests.

That’s all for Bethesda Pinball for now. We’re sure there’s a lot more, so if you have any other tips or tricks to share leave us a comment below!



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