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Best Weapons in Fallout Shelter

Best Weapons in Fallout Shelter
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When building a community in Fallout Shelter, the Dwellers will face dangers around every turn. Raiders and dangerous creatures can turn up at the Vault at random, or Dwellers could face unknown terrors out in the Wasteland. Defeating the dangers around them requires some powerful weaponry, but what is available to find and craft?

Read on to find out about the best weapons in Fallout Shelter.

How to Get the Best Weapons in Fallout Shelter

There are a total of 139 possible weapons to find or craft in Fallout Shelter, each with a different rarity and Caps value. Of course Legendary weapons are some of the best out there but they are harder to obtain, so our list will include some high damage Rare weapons too. All weapons listed below will cause 15 damage or above and are listed by weapon type.

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WeaponTypeAverage DamageCost When SoldRarity
Fire Hydrant BatMelee22500Legendary
Relentless Raider SwordMelee22500Legendary
Hardened Ripper Melee15.5100Rare
Power FistMelee16500Legendary
Grognak’s AxeMelee17500Legendary
Hardened Gauss PistolPistol15100Rare
Scattered Institute Pistol16500Legendary
Rusty Gauss RifleRifle16100Rare
Institute RifleRifle17100Rare
Accelerated Gauss RifleRifle18500Legendary
Magnetron 4000Rifle19500Legendary
Railmaster Rifle17500Legendary
Big SisterRifle16500Legendary
Hardened Combat ShotgunShotgun15100Rare
Mountain MamaShotgun16500Legendary
Alien BlasterEnergy Pistol19500Legendary
Alien Disintegrator Energy Rifle18500Legendary
Plasma RifleEnergy Rifle16100Rare
Pulse RifleEnergy Rifle18500Legendary
Fat ManHeavy 23500Legendary
Gatling LaserHeavy22500Legendary
Missile LauncherHeavy21500Legendary
Plasma CasterHeavy20500Legendary
Plasma ThrowerHeavy23500Legendary
Junk JetJunk Jet17100Rare

How to Obtain Weapons in Fallout Shelter

Weapons can be found after defeating enemies, in random spots while on quests, and can be crafted using Junk. When new Dwellers arrive at the Vault, or are unlocked in a Lunchbox, they can occasionally carry a weapon with them. These weapons are usually low damage but can be scrapped for Junk to use for crafting. Very rare weaponry is found when completing high level quests, such as the Junk Jet in Journey to the Center of Vaultropolis.

For more specific information of how to get a decent Gauss Pistol, visit our dedicated guide.

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Best Weapons in Fallout Shelter


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