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Best Weapons in 20 Minutes Till Dawn

This guide will tell you about the best weapons to use in 20 Minutes Till Dawn.

20 Minutes Till Dawn is a thrilling indie action roguelike game where you go against hordes of enemies until the daylight breaks. As the title suggests, surviving for a harrowing 20 minutes is your ultimate objective, with each passing minute bringing even fiercer enemies. Upgrading your weaponry is necessary if you want to survive against the harder levels of 20 Minutes Till Dawn. In this guide, we take a look at some of the best weapons available in 20 Minutes Till Dawn.

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What are the Best Weapons in 20 Minutes Till Dawn?

#1 – Shotgun

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The Shotgun is fantastic against groups of small enemies. In the early game, you will mostly be struggling against waves of small enemies like Lurkers and Sploders. These relentless monsters can easily overpower players who rely on single-target weapons like the Revolver. Because of the Shotgun’s large AOE and piercing bullet shells, you can easily rip through enemy hordes in 20 Minutes Till Dawn.

It’s important, however, to exercise caution and avoid being surrounded by enemies from all directions. While unleashing the power of the shotgun, maintain constant movement, strategically navigating towards open spaces to funnel enemies in front of you.

#2 – Dual SMGs

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The Dual SMGs stand out as the sole dual-wield weapon in 20 Minutes Till Dawn. What makes this weapon truly unique is that gun-related buffs are applied to both guns simultaneously, amplifying their potential. With the right upgrades and buffs, the Dual SMGs become a lightning-fast and lethal force, capable of tearing through hordes of monsters with ease.

#3 – Batgun

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The Batgun has to be one of the most fun guns in 20 Minutes Till Dawn. Instead of using regular bullets, it fires down a bunch of bats at enemies. If you like the idea of using summons, then definitely give Batgun a try. It has a large max size of 12 but has a slow fire speed. To make the most of this gun, players can combine Abby’s special ability with Batgun to instantly spawn all bats in your magazine.

#4 – Grenade Launcher

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AOE damage is the easiest way to win against hordes of enemies, and the Grenade Launcher reigns supreme as the deadliest AOE weapon in 20 Minutes Till Dawn. It has a slow reload speed and only 6 ammo, but it is worth using for the AOE damage. However, you need to be careful with grenades as they can also damage the characters. Try to launch grenades into enemy groups to deal maximum damage.

#5 – Revolver

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The Revolver is the default weapon you get right from the start of 20 Minutes Till Dawn. You shouldn’t underestimate the Revolver even because of its shortcomings like single-target damage and low ammo count. With the application of suitable upgrades and buffs, the Revolver can become a viable weapon option until you collect enough to purchase better weapons. Don’t overlook the Revolver’s capabilities and make the most of its effectiveness in the early levels of the game.

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In addition to the weapons discussed in this guide, there are a few more choices available in 20 Minutes Till Dawn. We suggest sticking to the recommended weapons mentioned earlier. However, if any other weapon catches your interest, don’t hesitate to give it a try and explore its unique playstyle.

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Best Weapons in 20 Minutes Till Dawn