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Best Weapon in Dungeon Village 2

Best Weapon in Dungeon Village 2
Screenshot from official game trailer.

If you have never checked out a Kairosoft game, you are absolutely missing out because they are amazing. Made by the developer sharing the name, Kairosoft games are a series of Stardew Valley-like simulators with all different themes, from horse racing management to restaurants to just about anything you can think of. They are also usually very affordable.

One of the popular Kairosoft games is Dungeon Village 2, a game where you manage a town of adventurers. You can build a community of powerful monster slayers by raising their stats and offering them equipment for their work. Thus, weapons are important here. This is the best weapon in Dungeon Village 2.

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How To Get The Cauldron In Dungeon Village 2

A town in Dungeon Village 2.
Screenshot from official game trailer.

To get the best weapon in the game, you need to unlock the Cauldron. This is done by boosting your town’s level to three and using at least 90 points on the Cauldron event. With this mechanic, you collect special items by following specific recipes and meeting certain conditions.

The Strongest Weapon In Dungeon Village 2

The highest-rated weapon in the game is the Conqueror’s Axe. It’s the most powerful one with the best stats, coming with the best base attack of 51. It can of course be upgraded from this into something much stronger, so this gives you the best boost.

However, this power does not come cheap, as the Conquerors Axe is an endgame weapon that requires a lot of prerequisites to get. Below is a list of everything you need.

  • Cost: 41 Diamonds
  • 100 Fire Magic Points
  • 100 Ice Magic Points
  • 100 Lightning Magic Points
  • 110 Dark Magic Points
  • 500 Knowledge

How to Collect Magic Points In Dungeon Village 2

You collect magic points by putting certain valuable items into the Cauldron. The output will depend on what you put in. For example, something like a Pink Diamond or a Matagama Gem will yield a lot of points for all of the elements.

Lower-value things will usually yield only a few points per category. Some things are more specific, your biggest challenge will likely be collecting Lightning and Dark Magic points, as many common items do not give points for those.

The two best things to get Dark Magic points with are the Darkness Spellbook and Dark Stone. The items that yield the highest amount of Lighting Points will be the Meteorite, Topaz, and Lightning Stone.

You can purchase and start your adventuring in Dungeon Village 2 today on mobile or the Steam store!

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Best Weapon in Dungeon Village 2