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Best Ways to Organize Your Factory in Satisfactory

Best Ways to Organize Your Factory in Satisfactory
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So, you thought that running a factory would be easy? Satisfactory, despite its name, can get annoying easily, and it’s usually our own fault. If you’re not really big on organization, your factory is going to descend into chaos fast.

Luckily for you, we have made so many mistakes over and over again and compiled a list of tips that you can use to avoid our missteps. Without further ado, here are the best ways to organize your factory in Satisfactory.

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Best Tips for Organizing Your Factory in Satisfactory

Satisfactory clean designs
Image by Coffee Stain Studios

It’s super easy to make a mess out of your layout and then risk accidentally removing the main powerline that supplies your whole factory bringing everything to a crashing halt. To avoid all that mess, you can follow our top five tips for organizing your factory. You will especially benefit from this advice if you’re just starting your new project, but you can apply them even if you have already started and found yourself in over your head.

Tip 1: Build on Foundations

You can avoid being at the whim of the local terrain by building your factory on foundations. Use concrete platforms and try to go for straight angles wherever possible to keep everything streamlined and in check. As you expand, you might have to tweak your designs a bit, depending on the size of your factory, but clean lines and surfaces (especially when it comes to conveyor belts and pipes) are where it’s at.

Alternatively, you can completely avoid the limitations of the surrounding relief and build in the sky or across multiple levels—just make sure that your transportation network can follow.

Tip 2: Multiple Levels Are Your Friends

Whether you’re using walkways or fully separate floors, verticality is super useful when playing Satisfactory. Ideally, you will have a clear idea about your input and output when you start designing your factory layout and build according to that, but you should try to keep different parts of your factory (for example, the manufacturing section) separate. Verticality can help you realize that more neatly, and you can even hide messy logistics underneath the floor if you can’t keep everything OCD tidy—just keep the floor height at somewhere around eight meters to prevent claustrophobia.

Tip 3: Stick to Simple Shapes

While it’s easy to get inspired by innovative architecture around you or by other players’ creations, we recommend beginners stick to basic geometry at first—you probably aren’t Zaha Hadid just yet. Therefore, think squares and circles as the base for your design, and take it from there. You can experiment later on as you expand and become more comfortable with the logistics of it all. Oh, and always give yourself some more space than you think you need at first—trust us.

Tip 4: Control Your Pipes

Much like conveyor belts, pipes can get out of control really quickly in Satisfactory. Try to keep them in straight lines and go for 90-degree angles—and avoid clipping. Don’t be afraid to use pipe splitters so that you can connect several different machines to a single pipe. If you follow our advice about verticality, you can use splitters to send fluids to different levels as well.

Tip 5: Use Power Poles Properly

Electricity is an important element to take into account when planning your factory in this game. Since you’re a bit limited with options at first, we recommend aligning your buildings/machines and placing power poles directly between them and as close as possible to the buildings. Just like with other elements in the game, stick to straight angles, even if it means adding an extra pole or two—it will all look cleaner and better organized if you avoid diagonals.

Those are some of the main tips we have for you that should help you organize your factory better. Let us know if you find them useful and feel free to explore more Satisfactory guides in the dedicated section here on TouchTapPlay!

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Best Ways to Organize Your Factory in Satisfactory