Best Ways to Get Saddle in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Get saddle in Minecraft

The Overworld of Minecraft shares many similarities with the real world, especially regarding animals. Players can find various animals, some of which are rideable. Players can ride mobs like horses, mules, and donkeys using a saddle. In this guide, we talk about the best ways to get saddle in Minecraft.

How to Get Saddle in Minecraft

Saddle is an uncraftable item in Minecraft. Unlike most other items, players cannot craft a saddle and must obtain it directly as an item. Here are all the ways to get saddles in the game:

1. Trade with Leatherworkers

In Minecraft, players can obtain various items through trading with villagers. Fortunately, players can purchase saddles from Master-level leatherworkers. A leatherworker at the Master level has a 50% chance to sell a saddle for six emeralds. Before locking the trade, leatherworkers can sell up to 12 saddles daily.

An unemployed villager can be turned into a leatherworker by placing a cauldron near it. After getting a leatherworker, players will have to trade with it multiple times to make it a Master-level trader.

2. Killing ravagers and striders wearing saddle

Ravagers and striders are the only two mobs that spawn with a saddle on their back. Ravagers always have a saddle, while striders have a 1 in 30 chance to naturally spawn with a saddle. Defeating a mob wearing a saddle will always drop a saddle in Minecraft.

Players can create a raid farm to spawn ravagers and kill them to get saddles for free. As for striders, they are found swimming in lava in the Nether realm.

3. Loot chests

The original way of getting a saddle was scavenging through loot chests. This method still works, but players might have to spend their time finding structures with loot chests. Players have a high chance of finding a saddle inside loot chests in nether fortresses, desert temples, dungeons, and villages.

Other than the above methods, players can also get saddles by fishing. However, a normal fishing rod has a bare 0.8% chance of getting saddle. After obtaining saddles, players can freely control and ride horses, mules, donkeys, and more mobs.

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Best Ways to Get Saddle in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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