Golf Clash is a quick and fun 3D golfing game to play against AI or friends. Players use a simple mechanic to swing at the ball and attempt to get it in the hole in as few moves as possible. As the levels increase the game gets trickier- but also the rewards get more generous! Players can earn in-game currencies to help them obtain the best clubs and balls available. The in-game currencies are gold coins and red gems: the gold coins are spent on entering games, and red gems are spent on extra balls, speeding up chest opens, and purchasing club cards in the shop.

Spend gems on better clubs (via Golf Clash)

How to Get Red Gems in Golf Clash

The most obvious way to obtain extra gems in though purchasing them with real money. Players can purchase as little as 80 gems to a whole mountain of 17,000 gems! If you want free gems, however, a little patience and mobile golfing skill is required.

Buy Gems in the Store for real money (via Golf Clash)

Players get one free chest every day containing a single red gem and a bunch of coins. Log in every day to claim and they soon add up. The only other chest that contains red gems is the Pin Chest- also known as the Golden Chest. To unlock the Pin Chest, players must putt a number of balls to fill the pin bar. At first it may not seem like there are many free gems available but as players level up, they are rewarded with more gems in these chests.

By playing and winning in Golf Clash, players can also gain many red gems. Complete the achievements available to be rewarded handsomely!

Gain gems through completing achievements in Golf Clash

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Another way to increase the amount of gems in these chests is to join a clan. If players join a successful clan, they can unlock perks that boost gem rates of 75%! That is a great increase so it looks like it is well worth joining a clan and logging in and playing daily to receive all the gems possible.

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