AFK Arena is a game where you can collect lots of heroes. One of the most desirable categories is Dimensional Heroes, or Dimensionals. These are characters from other universes that were added to this game. They are not so easy to get, so we are going to help you out. This guide will tell you about the best methods to get Dimensional Heroes in AFK Arena.

How to Get Dimensional Heroes in Afk Arena

The main problem in getting Dimensional Heroes in AFK Arena is the fact that they are limited. You can obtain them only during certain periods, and there is no guarantee you will be able to get them again. However, there are three basic ways you can obtain a Dimensional Hero. You can do this via Exchanging Dimensionals, Labyrinth Store, or Merchants. These methods are available only during certain times, however, and you won’t be able to buy Dimensionals whose event dates have expired.

Even though Dimensional Heroes in AFK Arena are limited, you can still get them from your friends. You just need to use the function that allows you to hire a hero for a few days. Then, you can do links and upgrade the hero you’ve hired as this character will be without equipment. So, you can get any Dimensional you like by hiring them. However, you should remember that when your contract date expires, you won’t be able to use this character anymore. In order to hire it again, you will need to find a player who will allow you to do it one more time.

Despite these issues, hiring Dimensional Heroes for some time is a good way to play them if you missed an event where you could permanently unlock these characters.

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