Best Way to Use Skill Books in Evony

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Skill Books are incredibly useful items that will come in handy for both novice players and experienced generals. Skill Books are used to enhance your generals or give them powerful new skills. We will go over different methods to get Skill Books in a following article. Today, we will tell you how to use Skill Books most effectively.

Best Way to Use Skill Books in Evony

First of all, it is worth understanding the main aspects of using skill books:

  • Skill Books come in 4 levels and many specializations. Depending on the level and effect, the book can provide different buffs and will be helpful to various generals.
  • With the help of skill books, you can give the general up to 3 additional skills. The first skill will be obtained with a 100% chance, the second with a 50% chance, and the third with a 25% chance.
  • If you use a level 1 skill book and then use the same level 4 skill book, the original effect will be overwritten by a more powerful one. If you used a book of the maximum level, you can’t use the same book of a lower level on the same general.

This is the basic information you need to know before using the skill books. But there are some tips on how to use skill books more effectively:

  • If you have some helpful skill books, but they are low level, use them. If the effects are cool, later you can add the same books of any higher level.
  • As soon as you have a general, immediately decide what skills you want to assign to them. It is not worth giving the general any first available book because you will not be able to replace it with another. Better get a skill book with a good effect and only then give it to the general.
  • If you want to give a general a specific skill book, it’s always a good idea to have three copies of it. The general gets the first skill book with a 100% chance, and then it all depends on your luck.

We hope that our article was useful for you and now you can use skill books more effectively.

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Best Way to Use Skill Books in Evony


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