Best Way to Spend Crystals in Cookie Run: Kingdom


Cookie Run: Kingdom by Devsisters is a popular platform game with a gacha-style mechanic for obtaining new characters and items. The Gacha system runs on Cookie Cutters and Crystals. Crystals are the premium currency in Cookie Run: Kingdom collected throughout the game or bought via in-app purchases.

A Crystal

As well as purchasing crystals via in-app micro-transactions you can also collect Crystals in various ways for free:

  • Daily rewards at the Tree of Wishes
  • Via gifts from friends
  • Levelling up
  • Completing story mode missions
  • Completing story mode quests
  • Completing achievements
  • In treasure chests found on the world map
  • Limited time events
  • At the Fountain of Abundance
  • In the Arena

How to Spend Crystals in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Here are the best and most productive ways to spend your Crystals:

Win Cookies or their Soulstones for 300 Crystals per gacha pull

Spend on Gacha pulls to win Cookies or Cookie Soulstones

Purchase a Sugar Gnome Hut via the Build section

Buy an extra Sugar Gnome Hut to help with building and upgrading

Each extra slot increases your productivity

Unlock extra slots for increased production of items and materials

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As you can see, our tips to spend your Crystals are meant to increase your productivity. This does not, however, mean it is a good idea to spend your crystals on speeding up the construction of buildings, or to ‘skip waiting’ on the production of the materials. Spending Crystals on something that only takes a few minutes would be a waste, so it is best to be patient.

Don’t bother wasting Crystals on skipping queues for production or building

We also do not recommend spending Crystals on the resources you are already producing, such as roll cake wood or axes, even if you have run out and need more quickly. The resources are easily produced, especially if you have spent Crystals on increasing the slots anyway, so there is no point in wasting Crystals on buying resources separately. The best thing to do is to just keep your resource buildings busy and always producing your items, you can save quite a lot of items within the ‘Storage’ so keep it topped up as you play.

Good luck!

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Best Way to Spend Crystals in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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