Best Way to Get Ability Chunks in Splatoon 3


Ever since it launched, Splatoon 3 has received nothing short of praise from the Splatoon fan base and there’s a lot to take away from the franchise’s latest instalment.

Splatoon 3 introduced a lot of features that its predecessors didn’t have, with one of them being Ability Chunks. So in this article, we’ll be looking at what Ability Chunks are as well as the best way to get Ability Chunks in Splatoon 3.

Best Way to Get Ability Chunks in Splatoon 3

Ability Chunks is a big-looking currency that you can use in Splatoon 3 to unlock certain types of abilities for your ideal gear pieces. Unlocking these items will allow you to use the best equipment based on your playstyle and the type of weapon you prefer to use.


There are but a few ways of getting Ability Chunks in Splatoon 3 and it requires you to have lots of cash. Once you have enough cash, you can get Ability Chunks by speaking with Murch.

Murch can be found on your right of the multiplayer lobby before going up the elevator in Splatsville. Once you find him, speak with him and he will offer you different types of equipment services like rerolling your gear stats, boosting your gear’s star power, adding abilities to your gear and scrubbing your slots.

The two relevant services that will give you Ability Chunks are Scrub Slots and Reroll Slots options. Before you decide to use the Reroll Slot option, your character must have a piece of gear with at least three ability slots.

You can only add ability slots to a gear piece by increasing its overall star power. You can do this by purchasing a duplicate item from any shop or by giving Super Sea Snails to Murch. However, scrubbing a piece of gear will earn you Ability Chunks every time as long as you have an ability in the slot and some cash.

Apart from earning Ability Chunks from Murch, there’s a chance you can earn them as rewards for completing Salmon Run games, playing through the game’s story mode or as a prize from the Shell-Out Machine you can find in the multiplayer lobby.

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Best Way to Get Ability Chunks in Splatoon 3


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