Best Way to Find Mysterious Shards in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

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If you’re finished with the main story of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, there is a lot of Legenday Pokemon catching you can get started with. A majority of the Legendary Pokemon available in Pokemon BDSP games takes place in Ramanas Park.

To encounter and catch these Legendaries, you need to get the Slate that corresponds to the particular Legendary in order to summon them. These slates can be bought from Ramanas Park itself, by exchanging them for either 1 Large Mysterious Shard or 3 Small Mysterious shards.

How to Get Mysterious Shards in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

The best and only way to get Mysterious Shards in the Pokemon BDSP games in by mining in the Grand Underground. Head into the Underground using your Explorer Kit. Mine along the walls that are marked with a glowing golden spot. These spots will also be indicated on your mini-map.

To start mining, press the R button which triggers a sonar pulse that shows you where are the mining spots. Stand in front of one of these spots and press A to begin the mining mini-game.

You have the option to mine the area with either a pickaxe or a sledgehammer. Switch between either of them according to your needs: use the sledgehammer when you need to get rid of large areas of debris, while switching to the pickaxe when you need to be more precise.

The sledgehammer works faster, but weakens the wall quicker too. The pickaxe is slow and precise, but also keeps he wall sturdy for longer. You will not be able to mine for any more items if the wall collapses from mining damage. If you mine all the items in the wall before it collapses, the mini-game ends.

Mysterious Shards, especially the large ones, are especially rare, so put your mining gear on and get to gridin’!

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Best Way to Find Mysterious Shards in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


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