Best way to deal with Eagle Artillery in Clash of Clans – Best Eagle Artillery Counters

Eagle Artillery

In Clash of Clans, players can build various defensive buildings to protect their villages from enemies’ attacks. With every Town Hall upgrade, players unlock new defenses to expand their village. Higher-level Town Halls feature the most broken defenses like Scattershot, Inferno Tower, Eagle Artillery, etc.

Eagle Artillery is arguably the unique defense in Clash of Clans. Unlike other defenses, it doesn’t start attacking troops in its range instantly. Eagle Artillery starts launching shells only after a certain amount of troops are deployed.

If you have recently upgraded to Town Hall level 10 or 11, you will find many bases in multiplayer matchmaking with an Eagle Artillery. In this article, we have shared some neat strategies to deal with Eagle Artillery.

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How to deal with Eagle Artillery in Clash of Clans

A level 1 Eagle Artillery requires the opponent to deploy troops of space worth 150 housing space. Higher-level Eagle Artillery requires more housing spaces for activation. Please note that heroes and spells are also included in the troop housing space.

Each hero and spell contributes 25 and 5 housing spaces towards activation, respectively. Players can use their heroes to take out the section if the Eagle Artillery is grouped with powerful defenses. Queen charge can be an ideal strategy to take down Eagle Artillery in some layouts.

Some attack strategies also rely on Battle Blimp taking down the Eagle Artillery. Players can easily push into the Eagle Artillery compartment with some balloons or yetis in a Battle Blimp and destroy it by adding a rage spell.

In most cases, players should prioritize destroying Eagle Artillery first, as it covers the entire base and can dish out tons of damage. If possible, attacking from the Eagle Artillery side can drastically increase the chances of winning.

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Best way to deal with Eagle Artillery in Clash of Clans – Best Eagle Artillery Counters


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