If you just love caring for pets without actually having to go out and walk them, clean after them and feed them, then virtual pet games are definitely on your liked games list! Well that’s one of my favorite game genres, ever since I had a tiny Tamagotchi (if you still remember those)!

Well, in today’s article I will share with you a list of the best virtual pet games for mobile (both iOS and Android), so you will have a few games to check out and fall back to when you feel like relaxing and just casually enjoying your little virtual (and not so furry) companion!

Some of these lists will take you back to the 8-bit era, where games used to look just as pixelated as you can imagine, while others will be extremely realistic! Now it all depends on your choice (because I know for sure that I have a passion for pixel games), but either way you will have a full list to pick from!

So let’s not waste another second, because here is our list of the best virtual pet games for mobile!

Cthulhu Virtual Pet

This game is so adorable, from multiple points of view – at least in my opinion! Being a tremendous Lovecraft fan, Cthulhu is one of the most famous of his creation – and having the chance to raise one, is just the best!

Now the graphics of the game are also exactly to my liking, since the game is full 8-bit graphics which take you back in time quite a bit! If you are quite the fan of this horror classic combined with complete adorable-ness resulted from the graphics and the little baby Cthulhu, then you might fall in love with this game immediately – but if you are not, then you should check out the other games in the list!

You can download this game from the App Store and Google Play!

Cthulhu Virtual Pet 2

Now I will not repeat myself, but if you loved the first one I mentioned (the 8-bit graphics one), then you might also adore this second one, which is similar, but has much better graphics – while still retaining the pixel style!

This one has color graphics, and also a few more features – which improved the first game quite a bit! Definitely check it out if you loved / love the first one, because you won’t regret it!

You can download this game from Google Play!

My Horse

Now jumping from a retro game to this super realistic game, is quite the step – but if you love horses and also love beautiful graphics in games, then you will fall in love with My Horse immediately!

In this game you will be able to care, train and just have your very own virtual pet to take care of. It’s absolutely amazing, from multiple points of view, as the game has both beautiful graphics and a very relaxing play style!

You can download this game from App Store and Google Play!

Pug – My Virtual Pet Dog

If you love these adorable little pups called pugs, this game has exactly that! In this virtual pet game you will be able to care for your very own pug pupper which you will have to bathe, feed, pet and play with!

The graphics are really adorable, as they are quite cartoon-ish and funny looking, and the pet, really, what can I say other than the fact that it’s as derpy and cute like it is in reality! There are plenty of mini games to keep you busy in the game, and I’m pretty sure that you will never get bored with it!

You can download this game from Google Play!


There is this adorable little aquatic creature that has just caught the Internet by surprise! It’s called an Axolotl and it can actually be kept as a pet (in reality, yes), but on your device too!

Now in this game you can have a multitude of colors and variations of the species (unlike in reality), so if you want to have a taste of this weird and adorable little guy, make sure you check out Axolochi because it’s fun and super cheerful!

You can download the game from App Store and Google Play!

Virtual Dog Shibo

What dog lover doesn’t like a cute little Shiba pup? Well if you never raised one, now you will have a chance! In this game you will have beautiful cartoon-ish graphics, combined with an amazing dog, which will definitely make your day!

You will be able to play with the dog in various mini games, care for him and also just relax and enjoy this simple yet relaxing mobile game!

You can download the game from the App Store and Google Play!

Mimitos Virtual Cat

I’ve mentioned the previous game for the dog lovers, but now if you want a cute little kitten to care for, there is Mimitos! From the same creators as the previous game, Virtual Dog Shibo, you can also choose the cat version, Mimitos Virtual Cat!

It’s pretty much similar – quite fun cartoon-ish graphics, with a lot of mini games to keep you busy and a system where you will have to care for your little virtual pet by feeding it and fulfilling other necessities!

You can download the game from the App Store and Google Play!


Did you really think I wouldn’t mention this game? I think I’ve had it installed for years now, and I can’t really remember other games that I’ve had for that long! It’s so very simple, that it doesn’t really require a ton of investment!

Pou is extremely customizable, so if you are looking for that feature in those games, here you will definitely find it! There are also tons of mini games that you can play, so if you want to care for a virtual pet, your very own Pou might just be the one!

Even if the game is nothing out of the ordinary in terms of graphics, if you haven’t checked it out and want a cute little virtual pet game, make sure you take a look at this one too!

You can download the game from the App Store and Google Play!

These would be all of our picks for the best virtual pets games for mobile (Android and iOS)! Do you know some more fun virtual pets games? Share them with us down in the comments section below!


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