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15 Best AR Games for Android & iOS to Play in 2020

15 Best AR Games for Android & iOS to Play in 2020

If you want to play a high quality augmented reality game on mobile, today’s article is the only thing that you need to read. We’re going to share with you 15 amazing AR games for Android and iOS that you will surely fall in love with.

Augmented reality games are growing in popularity fast – as well as other AR apps for mobile – and they do so for all the right reasons. When playing such a game, elements from the real world (like the desk on your room) get integrated into the game and part of the experience.

There are few things that beat a massive fight between dinosaurs happening on your bed, or cute creatures that reside on top of your trash can. Sky’s the limit here and fortunately augmented reality games for mobile are getting more and more creative, offering us even more ways to have tons of fun.

AR games will “augment” the reality with various other fictional elements, such as Pokemons, zombies, games, mystical creatures and even hidden messages! It all depends on the game that you are choosing to play – and we are here to help you choose the best of the best.

So let’s not waste a single second and instead check out the best AR games for mobile in 2020!

1. Pokemon GO

You didn’t actually expect to have a “best AR games” list without including the world famous Pokemon GO, did you?

You probably won’t need much introduction to this game, as you probably heard or even played the game by now, but to brief it up, you will have to roam around the city looking to collect all of the Pokemon and pit yours against others.

You can fight other players in the gyms and compete to see who is the strongest Pokemon trainer and generally have fun in this game that’s no longer the freshest on our list, but one of the best known and still insanely entertaining.

Download the game for Android or iOS.

2. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

For the fans of Harry Potter all across the world, this game should be an extremely fun and exciting adventure, which lets you become a full fledged wizard (who belongs to a house and has their very own wand!).

In the game, you can cast the various spells (that you are probably already familiar with from the movies or books) in order to overpower the confoundables which are trapping magical creatures, items and other wizards.

You can concoct potions, explore the various inns and greenhouses scattered all around the world (placed in real locations on real maps) and grow more and more powerful with each spell!

Created by the same company behind Pokemon Go, it’s mostly the same thing but set in a different universe. Still, very fun for sure so it’s worth trying it out!

Download the game for Android or iOS.

3. Knightfall AR

We’re now moving to something a bit more intense than the experience offered by the previous games. We’re taking a trip back in time, helping the knights to protect the Holy Grail.

Prepare for massive fights that can take place in your living room, on your office desk or anywhere else thanks to the advanced augmented reality tech it uses. A really high quality game that shows us how AR games should really look and play like and can be considered a good starting point for future developers to build on.

And if the name sounds familiar, that’s because it’s actually based on the TV show of the same name – and even gives you the chance to see some familiar faces in the game and on your living room’s table (or wherever you decide to play it). Pretty fun!

Although the game has been out for a while, it’s still really fun and can be played in 2020 and one of the best ever AR games ever made.

Download the game for Android or iOS.

4. WallaMe

If you want to leave a secret message for another friend, then this is the app to do it! It can be turned into an amazing treasure hunt experience or used in a creative way to achieve a lot of things using the amazing advancements of AR technology.

Even though not a game per se, WallaMe will let you embed pictures, text and even hand drawings into the real life surroundings. These can be discovered later on by friends or strangers – as long as they have the app, they can see the secret messages you’ve left behind, messages that nobody else can.

This is really cool stuff and even though it’s not literally a game, it can still be used creatively to give birth to one in real life. Or more. There are countless options, actually and WallaMe is perfect for Treasure Hunts, detective role-playing games and so much more.

Plus, you never know when you might discover a secret that somebody left in your corner of the world… and secrets are always fun!

Download the game for Android or iOS.

5. ARZombi

If you like taking down mighty zombies in a pretty realistic way, ARZombi is the game for you! It might not feel as real as the zombie apocalypse, but it’s real fun!

In this game, you will have to shoot the zombies as soon as you see them coming at you, and do it fast. Of course, you will have to move your device around and use any room in your house as the place of the invasion. Build barricades to protect your room from the incoming zombies and feel the thrill whenever and wherever you play.

This can result in some really fun scenarios, even though it won’t be any Shaun of the Dead (if you haven’t watched this movie, do it ASAP!)

Back to ARZombi, I should warn you that if you are scared easily or don’t like jump scares, then you might want to think again before giving it a try because this game is plain merciless. There will be zombies popping out of nowhere and if you aren’t taking them down fast, they won’t show any mercy!

Download the game for Android or iOS.

6. Civilizations AR

Now, this is an interesting one! The amazing app that lets you explore ancient mysteries and artifacts, uncover the secrets of the Universe, and dive into an immersive world where you can learn in an engaging way.

It also offers a good break from reality (of sorts) where you can just kick back and enjoy deciphering the inscriptions on an Egyptian sarcophagus right next to you.

I would also add that it’s a great breather after a round of ARZombi or one of the other more hardcore titles on this list. Because sometimes, you just want something casual and fun to play and watch, and this game has both!

Download the game for Android or iOS.

7. Ingress Prime

This is the game that actually stood behind Pokemon Go and the plethora of copycats created afterwards. It can be considered a dinosaur because it is so old, but you’ll be surprised to find out that people still play this one and it’s still fun.

Ingress Prime features a truly beautiful AR world filled with the latest tech and goodies, where you will be tasked to fight for your side (the one of your choice) and save the world!

The game is similar to Pokemon GO, in the sense that you will have to fight for domination over real life landmarks and locations with the other players, and pretty much make the world your own!

Download the game for Android or iOS.

8. Jurassic World Alive

Now this is a game that has got me pretty excited! As an all time fan of the Jurassic movie franchise, I have found it super fun trying to collect all types of dinosaurs and even come up with my own creations!

This AR game will let you explore various parts of the world, collect all types of dinosaurs, battle with other players’ dino teams and even create your own hybrids in the lab.

It is a very cool game which you should definitely check out, because it’s going to provide a lot of fun. And, yes, it’s basically Pokemon Go with dinosaurs – and it sounds better and better each new time you say it.

Download the game for Android or iOS.

9. Zombies, Run!

Although this game is not exactly your typical AR game, but more like a fitness app, it’s definitely worth mentioning. If you like jogging and really need some motivation, Zombies, Run! is probably one of the best apps you’ll find.

You get messages from fellow survivors, who warn you to keep running and motivate you to keep pushing forward. However, it’s best experienced with headphones on – so make sure to grab your headphones before heading out on your next jog (although I’m not sure how much jogging we’re able to do during this pandemic).

Nonetheless, it’s a very good and motivating app, so give it a shot!

Download the game for Android or iOS.

10. AR Dragon

Are you familiar with the old tamagotchi pocket games? Well, if you are not, then think about a virtual pet which can be brought to life in the surrounding environment around you. And that pet, in this case, is a cutesy cute dragon!

AR Dragon will let you grow your very own dragon in an AR world which can basically make it “real” (to some extent). So if you want to feed and play games with a pet dragon, then make sure you download this game. It’s easier than owning a dog, too, although it doesn’t come with the same benefits of having a real-life pet.

Download the game for iOS.

11. The Walking Dead: Our World

We have yet another cool zombie AR game, and another one that takes a well known formula (that introduced by Pokemon Go or Ingress Prime) and adapts it into a different world.

The Walking Dead has made it to the top, first with a very cool TV show, then with more cool mobile games and PC games, and now with an extremely fun mobile AR game.

Unlike the previously mentioned ARZombi, in The Walking Dead: Our World you will have a ton more features to explore, weapons to equip and upgrade, and even other characters helping you around.

I definitely suggest giving it a try, especially if you are a big time fan of the series or zombies in general. Or for those moments when Pikachu and the company seem a bit too casual for you.

Download the game for Android or iOS.

12. A&E® Crime Scene

This super fun game is dedicated to all the people who love crime scene investigation games, myself included. You can take in various clues from nearby surroundings and piece together the puzzle to uncover mysterious crimes.

I find this game to be ideal to play at home, especially during the pandemic, when you don’t get to go out as much as before. Since the crime scene doesn’t expand too much outside of your place, and you don’t need to walk a lot like in Pokemon GO.

Download the game for Android.

13. Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs

The Angry Birds franchise has made its way into the AR realm, and I must say that it did a really good job with it. It’s Rovio, in the end, so you can’t expect anything else!

If you have played previous Angry Birds games, you’ll feel right at home in the Isle of Pigs, where you will have to join Red, Chuck, Bomb, and the Blues in their neverending fight to save the stolen eggs.

Use your living room (or any other open space area) as the setup for the augmented reality game board and blast those bad piggies away using cool slingshot mechanics and actually walk around the structures to find their weak spots (and take advantage of them).

Download the game for Android or iOS.

14. Minecraft Earth

This game is not released yet, but it is coming very soon and we have all the reasons to believe that it will be a perfect addition to this list! By the looks of it, and knowing how the original Minecraft game is, it’s going to be a massive hit!

If you thought that you were creative while on the PC version, then let me tell you this much – it’s going to be a whole new world of challenges ahead of you by bringing this huge block game to the real world.

You will be able to use your device as the infamous pickaxe and try your best at building structures which will appear in reality (well – not quite, more like in augmented reality). You can build together with like-minded friends who also have the game installed and challenge your creativity to come up with something truly unique.

Download the game for Android or iOS.

15. WrldCraft

While waiting for Minecraft Earth to hit the app stores (or maybe even as an alternative), you can try out WrldCraft.

Aptly named WrldCraft – AR build and craft around the Earth, it is basically the same thing as Minecraft Earth, but on a budget. It’s actually still pretty fun and allows you to create structures anywhere you go, and also battle opponents and have heaps of fun crafting.

Download the game for Android or iOS.


These would be all the best AR games for mobile at the moment. If you haven’t tried them out yet, then go ahead and download them because they’ll definitely keep you entertained. And if you know some cool AR games that we haven’t tried yet, maybe some even less known ones, leave them down in the comments section below!

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15 Best AR Games for Android & iOS to Play in 2020


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