Best Villager Professions in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Villager professions

In this article, we have listed some of the best villager professions in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Villagers are often redeemed as the best mob in Minecraft because of their ability to trade items. There are 13 unique professions villagers can take up. Based on their job, villagers will offer different trades in exchange for emeralds.

Which Villager Professions are the best in Minecraft?


As their name suggests, armorers’ trade deals involve items related to armors in Minecraft. Armorer villagers can sell armor pieces made of iron, chainmail, and even diamond. Expert and Master level villagers sell enchanted diamond helmets, chest plates, leggings, and boots. By trading with armorers, players can get a complete set of diamond armor without using diamonds.


Toolsmith Minecraft

Similar to armorer, a toolsmith specializes in tools and sells diamond tools at Expert and Master levels. Players can buy normal diamond hoes, enchanted diamond axes, shovels, and diamond pickaxes from toolsmiths. They also sell enchanted iron tools at Journeyman level.


Weaponsmith deals with weapons and provides enchanted diamond axe and sword at Expert and Master levels. If lucky, players may get some insanely good enchantments on their weapons. Otherwise, players can always sell their iron ingots to a weaponsmith for some extra emeralds.


Farmer profession is one of the best for farming emeralds in Minecraft. Players can set up pumpkin and melon farms to get lots of these blocks and then sell them to farmers to get emeralds and experience points. Farmers can also provide effective food items such as bread and golden carrots.

These are some of the best professions players can give to villagers in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Players can quickly get lots of emeralds and items made of diamonds using these professions.

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Best Villager Professions in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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