Best Unfezant Moveset in Pokemon Go


The Pokemon franchise is very popular for its games and Pokemon Go is one of the most exciting products of this series. There you will be able to become a real Pokemon Trainer that travels across the world and collects various Pokemon. In order to fight your opponents, you will have to train your creatures and choose their skill setups. In this guide, we will tell you about the best Unfezant moveset in Pokemon Go.

Who is Unfezant in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular Pokemon games and it allows you to collect lots of various creatures. All of them belong to different types that determine their strengths and weaknesses. Today we are going to talk about a Pokemon called Unfezant.

Unfezant in Pokemon Go is a bird-like creature that belongs to the Flying and Normal types. So, it is quite small and fast. In order to get this creature, you will need to catch Pidove and evolve it into Tranquill. After that, you will be able to turn it into its final form called Unfezant.

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Unfezant Best Moves in Pokemon Go

Unfezant in Pokemon Go is a creature that belongs to the Normal and Flying types. So, you should focus on moves of the Flying type as they provide you with the biggest advantage. Here are all the abilities that we recommend you to use with your Unfezant:

  • Air Slash – Great Quick Move that allows you to deal some decent damage.
  • Steel Wing – Worse than Air Slash but can be used for some defense strategies.
  • Sky Attack – The best Charge Move for this Pokemon and it performs well in combination with Air Slash.

Currently, the best moveset for Unfezant consists of Air Slash and Sky Attack. These are two great Flying-type moves that perform well in various attack strategies. So, use them and defeat your opponents in Pokemon Go!

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Best Unfezant Moveset in Pokemon Go


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