Have you ever wondered what are some of the best tanks in Priconne R? We have, and thus our search begun. In the game, tanks have a pretty important role, especially when it comes to PvE content – they need to be the first line of defense against enemies, and will have a very important task at hand, which is keeping the rest of the team safe.

So without further ado, let’s check out the best tanks in Princess Connect Re: Dive!

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She is one of the very first characters that you will unlock in the game, and she has a pretty good kit as well. She works well against both Magic Attackers and Physical Attackers, and since she’s one of the main heroes, you’ll get to upgrade her to 6* relatively easy.

She can also recover HP with her Skill 1, and grant herself a Barrier (for Physical and Magic damage), so I consider her a unit to invest in.

Why you should consider her:

  • It’s very easy to farm shards for her and star her up, especially when compared to other units.
  • Once you get her EX skill, her HP pool will be super big, so it’s only going to benefit her from a tank perspective.
  • She’s a well-balanced unit.
  • She can be really good once she’s 6*.


  • She has no taunt skill, which could be a problem sometimes.
  • She lacks crowd control.
  • She won’t be that great at the beginning, especially not at 1*.
  • You need to invest quite a bit in her to become viable.


This no-drama-llama couldn’t miss making an appearance on the list. She is pretty good overall, but especially more so in PvP Arena. She can inflict quite a bit of Physical Damage, and also gain Physical Damage DEF buffs, which make her great against any PDMG-heavy team.

Unlike Pecorine, she has some crowd control, which is extremely useful when it comes to any type of battle.

Why you could consider her:

  • Lima is great when it comes to mitigating any kind of Physical damage since her skills and bond grant her exactly that.
  • She has some form of Crowd Control (single target Stun).
  • You can upgrade her fairly easy since you can farm her shards in Hard.
  • She has a pretty cool kit overall.
  • She’s really nice in PvP Arena.
  • She’s a cute fluffy llama.


  • She’s not that great when it comes to mitigating Magic Damage.
  • She lacks Taunt.
  • She lacks Heals.
  • Needs some investment before she can become viable as a tank (and even then, she won’t be that great in terms of mitigating Magic DMG).


This unit is one of the best in terms of Physical Damage mitigation. She is also one of the best tanks to-date in the game, and if you got her, you will definitely make use of her kit in multiple ways.

Pudding (as she’s also known as) can work well both for Arena and Story stages, since her attack speed is very high, and her kit allows for many different play styles.

Why you should consider her:

  • (There is no reason why you shouldn’t?)
  • She is the best in terms of Physical Damage mitigation thanks to her skills.
  • She has a high dodge chance.
  • She can recover HP.
  • She’s got the fastest attack speed of all current tanks, which means she will charge her skills more often.
  • She’s got a solid kit.
  • She’s great for PvP Arena (many Arena teams are heavy Physical Damage focused).


  • She’s not that great against Magic Damage.
  • She is fairly hard to farm (in Princess Arena).
  • She lacks Taunt skill.


She’s an amazing unit, and she is the only 3* tank currently available in the game. She has pretty much everything that you’d want from a tank, including a taunt, which makes her a unit that you should aim for.

Why you should consider her:

  • She’s great as she is, the moment you get her – doesn’t require any other investment to be placed in the frontline.
  • She can work well both against Physical Damage and Magic Damage.
  • Her kit benefits her tankiness even more since she gains Physical DEF and Magic DEF from it, as well as some HP.
  • She has Taunt.
  • She has Physical Attack Buff.
  • She has crowd control (AoE Stun)
  • She can Heal the frontline (AoE Heal)
  • You can farm her with Dungeon Coins.


  • You might want to spend your Dungeon Coins on other units before upgrading Nozomi (though it’s not the end of the world).
  • Her HP Recovery is not that amazing.


Kuuka is one of the best units when it comes to canceling Magic Damage. She is the Lima of Magic Damage (well, not really, but you get what I mean – I hope) and she works wonders against any team that does just that (and no Physical damage).

Since her kit revolves mainly around mitigating Magic Damage, her Physical DEF skills are not that amazing. So, you might need her for just a few instances where you need to prioritize MDEF, otherwise stick to other, more potent PDEF-heavy tanks.

Why you should consider her:

  • She can mitigate A LOT of Magic Damage since her entire kit revolves around that.
  • She’s the only tank for PvP Arena that can deal with Magic Damage compositions.
  • She can Taunt.
  • She can Recover HP.
  • She gets some Physical mitigation, but nowhere near compared to the others (might still be enough in certain scenarios).
  • You can get her in the Dungeon Shop.


  • She has no real Physical DMG mitigating skills.
  • She won’t be your priority in the Dungeon Shop.

I consider these to be all the best tanks in Princess Connect Re: Dive to date. Some of them are slightly better than others, so make sure you know exactly which ones to make your number one priority!


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