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Best Tactics to use in Company of Heroes 3 – Tips and Tricks

Best Tactics to use in Company of Heroes 3 – Tips and Tricks

Looking for the best Company of Heroes 3 tactics, tips, and tricks? You’ve come to the right place.

The Company of Heroes series has garnered immense popularity among strategy game enthusiasts. Relic Entertainment and SEGA released the third main installment of Company of Heroes in February 2023 to critical acclaim. It is a strategic wargame set in World War II, where you have to command your army through the battlefields of the Mediterranean and North African regions. Company of Heroes 3 features several new game mechanics, which may confuse beginners. Read this article to get started with helpful tips and tricks.

Mastering Company of Heroes 3: Tactics, Tips, and Tricks

1) Grasp the basics in campaign mode

COH3 Campaign mode

For players new to real-time strategy games like Company of Heroes 3, the campaign mode is an excellent starting point to learn the game’s mechanics and gain experience. The campaign mode offers a series of interconnected missions that follow a narrative, allowing players to familiarize themselves with the game’s units, mechanics, and objectives. Once players feel confident in their abilities, they can venture into the multiplayer mode, where they can compete against other players online in various game modes.

2) Use cover to your advantage

Cover COH3

In Company of Heroes 3, the strength and experience of your troops are crucial for achieving victory on the battlefield. Keeping your units protected behind cover is essential to ensure their survival. You can utilize various obstacles on the battlefield, such as vehicles and debris, to conceal your troops and protect them from enemy fire.

Before moving your units, it’s important to pay attention to the color-coded pips that indicate the level of cover available at their destination. Gray pips indicate no cover, yellow pips indicate light cover, and green pips indicate heavy cover. By utilizing cover effectively, you can significantly increase the survivability of your units and gain a strategic advantage over your opponents.

3) Flanking


In Company of Heroes 3, flanking is a tried and true strategy that can be far more effective than a direct frontal assault. Charging head-on into enemy positions can quickly lead to a stalemate and unnecessary losses. Instead, approaching the enemy from an unexpected angle is often wise, catching them off guard and gaining a tactical advantage. One common tactic is to create a diversion or distraction with one group of units, drawing enemy attention away from the main force flanking in a different direction.

4) Clearing and occupying buildings

COF3 tanks and buildings

In Company of Heroes 3, buildings are both a blessing and a curse on the battlefield. They offer valuable cover and can provide new lines of sight and angles of attack, making them essential strategic locations to control. However, enemy forces can also use buildings to their advantage, creating strong defensive positions that can be difficult to dislodge.

To gain the upper hand, it’s crucial to clear buildings of enemy forces using heavy attacks from artillery and tanks. This can be a risky maneuver, as the enemy may have additional units hiding within the building or may set traps or ambushes. Nevertheless, the rewards for capturing a strategic building can be significant, providing a critical foothold on the battlefield and allowing you to press the attack with greater confidence.

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5) Controlling strategic points

By conquering strategic points, players can gain access to valuable resources, including ammunition, fuel, and reinforcements. These resources can be used to strengthen your forces and weaken those of your enemies, allowing you to gain the upper hand on the battlefield.

6) Use vehicles

COH3 Vehicles

In Company of Heroes 3, vehicles offer a diverse range of tactical options that can be used to gain the upper hand on the battlefield. With their powerful offensive capabilities, vehicles can eliminate enemy targets and disrupt their formations quickly. Additionally, vehicles can transport infantry units quickly across the battlefield, allowing for more rapid deployment and maneuvering.

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Remember to stay aware of your surroundings, use cover and terrain to your advantage, and always look for opportunities to flank and outmaneuver your opponents. With time and practice, you can master the game and become a skilled Company of Heroes 3 player.

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Best Tactics to use in Company of Heroes 3 – Tips and Tricks


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