Best Super Auto Pets Strategies

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New to Super Auto Pets? Then you’ll need to know some core strategies and tips when it comes to the game, which is what out guide is aims to teach you. Read on below to get enlightened!

Tips and Strategies for Super Auto Pets

Buying and Selling in Order

An often overlooked strategy, but very crucial to follow. A couple of items are meant to be bought and sold in specific order, which you can learn of if you read the items’ tooltips. For example, you need to buy Canned Food before buying any Shop Pet, as the Canned Food will boost the attack and health of the Shop Pet upon buying the Shop Pet.

Committing to One Animal

Keeping a single particular animal around and building your team around how that animal plays can push you forward quite a bit. The Fish, for example, starts out with pretty great stats and learns a great skill when levelling up. Making your Fish stronger with lots of food will guarantee that you net a couple of wins as you go.

Use Honey to your Advantage

Honey allows your pet to summon a Honeybee once it dies. The Honeybee, although possessing only 1 health and 1 attack, turns out to be the deciding factor for many players.

If each of your pets as well the pets of the enemy knock each other out of the match, and both players are down to their last pet, the match will usually end in a draw. This can be avoided, and you can win instead, if your final pet has Honey. It will result in a draw if your opponent’s final pet has Honey as well.

However, if you have a Cricket using Honey while they just have any other pet with Honey, you will win instead!

Get Animals that Synergize Together

The Elephant damages what is behind it before it attacks; the Peacock gains damage when it takes a hit. Provided the Elephant does not kill the Peacock immediately, this synergy between the Elephant and Peacock is quite useful, and you need to keep an eye out for animals with such synergy when in in play.

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Best Super Auto Pets Strategies


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