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Best Strategy to Win in Northgard

Best Strategy to Win in Northgard
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Northgard is a Scandinavian-style strategy game. You must manage a Viking clan in new and unknown lands. In total, you will be given a choice of 12 clans, 6 at the vanilla version, and 6 more when you acquire DLCs. Each clan is unique in its way, and your entire game will depend on the clan you choose. In this guide, we will tell you about the best strategy to win.

Best Strategy in Northgard

There are several general tips for each clan because it is not enough just to build up military strength or defense to win in Northgard.

  • When you start playing, immediately pay attention to Scouts. You need to invest in them to be able to open territories around. In addition, you can explore different areas such as Shipwreck.
  • Be sure to tell your Woodcutters to do the logging. At first glance, a tree is not such an important resource, but it is extremely necessary during the winter. You don’t want your people to freeze, do you?
  • Pay attention to the basic defense in the form of Defense Towers on the perimeter of your territories. Such buildings will greatly help you out during an attack.
  • Be sure to build a Food Silo. Without it, your food supply will be 500 units. When your community starts to grow, you will need a lot of food.
  • Don’t forget about residents’ satisfaction. If you miss this moment, then your production will be reduced due to the lack of workers.
  • Finally, always be prepared for random events. For example, if plague strikes, then without Food Silo your clan will suffer huge losses.

Now you can use these tips and add new items depending on which clan you belong to. Then you can create the perfect tactics to win.

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Best Strategy to Win in Northgard


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