Best Clans in Northgard


Northgard is an addicting strategy game in which you control one of the Viking clans. You have to build buildings, increase your army and fight other players. All clans in the game are different, so in this guide, we will tell you which clans are the best.

How to Choose Best Clans

In total, there are 12 clans in the game, 6 of them are available to you at once and 6 more when you buy DLS. Each clan is unique and each one suits different play styles.

  • The Stag clan is perfect for beginners as it has all the starting bonuses.
  • The Goat clan is also an excellent choice for night dwellers because with sheep production you can build an economy without any problems.
  • The Bear clan is suitable for players who like to play defense and plan their territory carefully.
  • The Wolf clan, on the other hand, is more suited to attack.
  • The Boar clan has great bonuses for quickly increasing the population early in the game, but you’ll need to be careful when defending your territories.
  • And finally, the Raven clan, suitable for gamers who love trade and production. We recommend focusing on seafarers to effectively develop this clan.

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These were the main clans. Now let’s tell you about the DLS clans.

  • The Snake clan can be described as a rogue. The players of this clan also play aggressively as in the Wolf clan but with a few differences like sabotage and trading on the black market.
  • The Horse clan has different gameplay from other clans. The whole game revolves around two war chiefs.
  • By choosing the Dragon class, you will use slaves instead of villagers, as well as create special units in the Dragonkin form.
  • The OX clan is suitable for players who have played Northgard for a long time. The thing is that you need a lot of effort and also skills to combine a strong army and a strong economy.
  • The Kraken clan is a more advanced Raven clan, as it also focuses on trade and production, but with additional bonuses, for example, you can fish wherever you find water.
  • The Lynx clan is suitable for players who like to hunt. The clan provides special units and game mechanics.

All clans are good in their way, so any player can find a suitable clan.

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Best Clans in Northgard


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