Best Starting Companion in Cat Cafe Manager


After you create your character and pick your perk you should pick your first cat. To start, you should understand that choosing the first pet is not a fateful decision. In the long run, this cat will not affect your profit as a kind of economic structure or cat updating, but it makes a little difference at your start. So, carefully read this and make a decision yourself.

What Companion to Choose in Cat Cafe Manager

Starting from scratch, you will have the opportunity to pick from 3 different cats, with their own skills. Each cat has two skills. One will usually represent a leaf and the other will be specific to the faction of humans in the game, such as punks or witches. This secondary stat you should train as high as you can because it will pay off later. So, below are 3 different cats you can pick.

  1. Clean cat. Has -1 Bladder need
  2. Tiny Tummy. Has -1 Food need
  3. Chill. Has -1 Stress need

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This pick is very individual, but you have to pick Tiny Tummy. It requires less food, so you definitely will have more free money to develop your cafe. While 2 other cats are decreasing your spending, this cat is increasing your earnings, which you always can spend on your own. However, if you are not confident that you will cope with additional money as an additional responsibility, pick a Chill cat, which requires less money than a Clean cat.

Next cats you should pick based on your financial situation and the way you have chosen before.

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Best Starting Companion in Cat Cafe Manager


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