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Best Starters to Use in Coromon

Best Starters to Use in Coromon
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If you like creature-taming games and nostalgic pixel art, Coromon is the game for you. Coromon features more than 100 creatures, but before you catch and tame them all, you will need to start much more humbly. At the beginning of your playthrough, you will have to choose only one starter Coromon. There are three of them to choose from, and this guide will break down the best starters to use in Coromon.

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Best Starters in Coromon

All starter Coromon in the game have their advantages and disadvantages, and it can be quite difficult choosing one creature over the other two, especially when you’re joining the game for the first time. In Coromon, you will need to choose between Toruga, Nibblegar, and Cubzero, and the fact that they’re all quite balanced is not helping.

Still, we pondered this issue for a long time and came to the following conclusion—the best starter in Coromon is Cubzero, followed by Nibblegar, with Toruga at the end.

Cubzero in Coromon
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Cubzero pretty much has it all. It is a well-rounded Coromon that boasts excellent HP, Attack, Defense, and Special Attack stats. Cubzero is the jack of all trades of the starter Coromon, and for that reason, looks like the most obvious choice. Even though you might have some reservations about Ice-types based on your experience in Pokemon games, we’re glad to inform you that Cubzero doesn’t suffer from similar weaknesses. It is technically weak against Fire and Heavy Coromon, but because of its tankiness, you won’t have to worry too much either way.

Cubzero also comes with some excellent moves, with Frost Chomp being one of my favorites. The only area where you may struggle a bit by relying on Cubzero is the Ice area that you unlock later on, as Cubzero’s ice attacks don’t do the same magic against other Coromon of the same type as they do on almost any other creature.

However, this doesn’t have to mean that choosing Nibblegar or Toruga will set you up for a disaster. Both of these starters have their strong points and will bring you far if you understand which of their characteristics you should rely on. Nibblegar (Water-type) has excellent defensive stats and evolves into the powerful Megalobite, while Toruga (Fire-type) excels at speed and offensive approach.

In the end, it may all boil down to your personal preferences and play style. Let us know which Coromon you opted for at the beginning in the comments below, and make sure to explore the rest of our dedicated Coromon section here on TouchTapPlay if you need more assistance with this amazing game!

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Best Starters to Use in Coromon


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