Best Soulstone Survivors Builds


There are lots of interesting RPGs that you can find in the modern game industry and if you search for a relaxing game from this genre then we highly recommend you to try Soulstone Survivors. This project allows you to choose one of a few characters and fight in various arenas against hordes of enemies. You will get numerous upgrades and bonuses during your playthrough and you may want to learn some powerful strategies. We created this guide to help you create the best build possible. Keep reading below to find out!

Best Builds in Soulstone Survivors

Soulstone Survivors is a fantastic RPG that allows you to participate in exciting matches. There you will have to control a small character that attacks your opponents automatically and the only thing you will need to do is to choose the direction for your strikes. So, the game is quite simple but it allows you to make a few different builds.

There is a huge number of various strategies you can follow in Soulstone Survivors. When you earn a level in this game you get an XP point that you can use to choose one of a few skills. The game suggests three random skills every time you want to choose a new ability and you will have to make your build based on what you have in the current match. However, there are some basic strategies and we will tell you about the best among them.

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Powerful Berseker Build

This build is based on physical attacks, bleeding, and instant-cast skills. For this strategy, we highly recommend you choose The Spellbreaker and give this character the Bloodgod’s Legacy weapon. In order to make this build stronger, you will need to choose various physical and instant-cast skills. Also, you should get all possible attack speed buffs and passives that allow you to cast instant skills multiple times.

Summoner Build

This build is good for characters that already have some summons like the Hound Master with his dogs. In order to make this character stronger, you will need to choose all possible summons. Also, you should get some buffs like Bloodlust that will make your skeletons and golems stronger. So, your servants will do all the jobs and you will only need to assist them.

Magic Bolt Build

This build allows you to become a mage that shoots with numerous amounts of various magic bolts. The game has a few different skills of this kind and they are divided by their type of damage. For example, there are Ice Bolts, Lightning Bolts, Fire Bolts, etc. So, you can pick all of them and make a character that makes lots of magic shots. This is not the strongest build in this game but it is very fun to play.

Soulstone Survivors is a game that has a huge roster of different skills and there are lots of various builds that you can make with them. Hopefully, this guide will help you to come up with some ideas for the best build for you. Good luck in your further battles!

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Best Soulstone Survivors Builds


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