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Best Skins In Azur Lane

Best Skins In Azur Lane
Credit to Manjuu and Yongshi
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We all love Azur Lane for the plots and the fun personalities of the ship girls, but the real love of the game is the skins: the costumes for these characters, and today we’re going to check out the best skins in Azur Lane!

Let’s start off by saying there are so many amazing skins that it’s hard to choose just one. So… don’t! Below you will find several skins, which we consider to be the best skins in Azur Lane at the moment. And also, don’t miss our guide on how to increase Affinity in Azur Lane.

Z23 – Serious Idol

Z23's idol skin
Credit to Manjuu and Yongshi. All screenshots are from personal gameplay.

Everybody loves the aesthetic of idol outfits, so it’s no surprise there’s a whole category of them. Z23s outfit is the perfect combination of cute and stylish. The color of red that’s splashed through it pulls the whole thing together, while the adorable side hat just makes it. It’s Mad Hatter meets Idol in the best way.

Takao – Full Throttle Charmer

Takao's racing skin
Credit to Manjuu and Yongshi

Motorsports fan? If so, you have to check out some of the Race Queen skins. In particular, Takao’s stands out thanks to the addition of tights. Tights are a very underrated item in fashion, and when paired with some elegant heels, they can look incredible. The hairbow also adds some flair as a pop of color in the darker outfit.

Abercrombie – Pumpkin Blast

Abercrombies halloween skin
Credit to Manjuu and Yongshi

Halloween might have just ended, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate all year! Abercrombie’s costume catches the spirit of the season with its classic fall tones and pumpkins. The puffy pants with the pumpkin pattern add a really creative element that blends the themes of medieval and spooky together seamlessly.

Bremerton – Day Off Date

Bremertons casual skin
Credit to Manjuu and Yongshi

Who says you can’t be stylish and comfortable at the same time? Bremerton’s outfit is a favorite of ours because of its Y2K and early 2000s inspiration – the dress with the skate sneakers, the bomber jacket, you know you wore this one to the mall with your friends back in the day.

Richelieu – Evergreen Prophecy

Richelieu's kimono
Credit to Manjuu and Yongshi

Kimonos have an elegance like nothing else, they are one of the shining gems of Japanese culture. Therefore, it was hard to choose our favorite kimono skin. The one that caught our eye in particular was Richelieu’s thanks to its little details. The hat, the gloves, and high collar with lace add a special feminine touch to this that feels oh-so classy.

Emile Bertin – Maid Fantastique

Emile Berlin's maid skin
Credit to Manjuu and Yongshi

There’s just something downright cute about the maid culture when it comes to anime girls. What makes this one so amazing is the shade of blue used throughout it, that classic Disney Cinderella-esque color. It goes perfectly with Bertin’s long blonde locks and soft face. The lace on the top of the socks adds a nice touch too!

Enterprise – Reindeer Master

Enterprise in her Christmas outfit
Credit to Manjuu and Yongshi

Move over Elsa, there’s a new winter queen in town whose name also starts with E. Enterprise is all ready for the holidays in a fur-lined outfit. The buttons and pattern on the skirt give this just what it needs, breaking up the monogamy that the all-white could have caused.

You can find all of these skins in the Shop section in Azur Lane today!

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Best Skins In Azur Lane